chapter 1

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"charlie?" i whisper to him as i walk through the door. "ready?"

he nods and we walk to Bella's room.

"happy birthday!" i shout to Bella as we enter. shes sitting up on her bed.

"i said no presents." she says as she sees the gifts in charlies hand and the wrapped present in mine.

"what this? its for Alice." i say.

"and mines not wrapped so it doesn't count." charlie says as he tosses her the camera with a bow on it.

"Renee matched with me." he says as he tosses the scrap book to her.

"what about you." she asks me. "none for me?"

"i respect your wishes of not wanting anything." i say plainly.

"thanks." she says.

"now lets go to school." i say and tug her to the kitchen after she got dressed. she didn't want breakfast so we went strait to school.

"you repainted the truck? i thought you didn't get me anything." she says looking at the new coat of paint i put on the orange truck, now a cherry red.

"its more for the benefit of Edward, Emmett and i, you know so we dont have to look at an orange truck everyday." she chuckles sarcastically.

"get in you clown." she says rolling her eyes.

we reach the school parking lot and find Alice standing, waiting for Bella. i get out of the truck before its fully stopped and hand the wrapped present to Alice.

"thanks Nina," she says smiling holding her silver wrapped birthday present for Bella.

"happy birthday bells!" Alice chirps.

"shhh," Bella hisses at Alice.

"do you want to open your present now or later?" Alice asks, ignoring Bella.

"no presents." Bella says firmly. i chuckle.

"like your word is going to stop Alice." 

"okay.."Alice says responding to Bella. "later then. did you like the scrapbook your mom sent you and the camera charlie gave."

of course she would have seen that.

"yeah they're great."  Bella obviously doesn't want the gifts or want to talk about anything birthday related.

"i think its a nice idea. you're only a senior once. might as well document the experience."

"and how many times have you and Edward been a senior." i ask her.

"too many times." Bella says.

"that's different." 

"mm hmm." i agree sarcastically. we reach Edward then, he was standing by his car.

he grabs Bella's hand and squeezes it.

"so as discussed i am not allowed to wish you happy birthday, is that correct?" Edward asks.

"yes, it is."

"just checking, you might have changed your mind. most people seem to enjoy things like birthdays and gifts." he says.

"most people aren't Bella. and you would have seen it if she changed her mind." he squints at me.

"you know because your a mind reader, you read alices mind as she sees it?" he makes a o with his mouth.

"not necessarily. i can bloke him out." Alice says.

"oh and how can you do  that?"

"i usually translate the alphabet or sing a song, just dont think about what you dont want him to know." she says.

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