chapter 12

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Jade's p.o.v 

The week couldn't go any faster and as soon enough it was Friday night. You could fine me in my room freaking out about what I'm supposed to be wearing. My mum wasn't home so I couldn't ask her to help me. For all she knew I was on a date with a boy from school. Oh but how she was wrong. After 30 minutes of pacing in front of my closet I decided on a cute dress. The skirt was a marronish-pinkish color and the top was white with a bow tie on it. It showed off more skin then I expected it to be but I decided why not eh? I straightened my ombre hair and put on mascara and eyeliner not trying to over do it.I heard the door bell ring feeling my heart jump against my chest.Why was I so nervous I mean its Perrie. But this was also my first date with her which could mean a lot. I quickly put on my heels grabbing my black coat running down the stairs thanking God I didn't fall. I opened the door to find Perrie also wearing a dress. The skirt black and the top part white. Her hair perfectly falling around her shoulders making her look sexy as hell. Her blue eyes accompanied by some smokey eyes. Making her blue eyes stand out even more. We just stood there for a couple minutes checking each other out. Perrie's mouth slightly open and I couldn't help but stare at them. Her eyes having a sparkle in them. The moonlight shining on her making her look like a goddess. 


Perrie's p.o.v  

I just stood on her porch staring at how perfect she looked. I felt my stomach do a summersault. If Jade looked gorgeous without even trying,imagine how she looks when she fixed her self up and was wearing a skin tight dress. I didn't know how out of it I was in until I heard her chuckle. "Can we stop drooling over eachother now?" I grinned nodding. She chuckled taking my hand in hers intertwining our fingers. A blush made its way on my cheeks. My heart was beating faster and faster in my chest by her touch. She closed the door and we started walking towards my car. I opened the passenger seat door for her and she chuckled. "What a gentleman." She teased making my way to my side.I just rolled my eyes playfully. "So where are you taking me?" She asked I glanced at her sideways. "You'll find out soon its a surprise." I saw the smile on her face widen making my heart flutter . How could someone be so perfect? 


Jade's p.o.v 

When we made it to our destination Perrie helped me out of the car and quickly covered my eyes with her hands. I laughed as she guided me to the place. "Is this really necessary Perrie?" "Yes it has to be perfect....Just like you" She whispered the last part in my ear causing my stomach erupt in butterflys. After a couple more minutes of blindly walking and almost tripping over Perrie let go of me and I looked surprised up by what I saw. It was beautiful. We were outside one of those really expensive resturaunts . We were alone on a table candles covering the floor lighting up the dim path. A white cloth on the table with a red rose in the middle. The food already prepared for us on it. Lights shun above the table letting us see everything. This looked so expensive I can't believe she did this for me. I just stood there astonished unable to speak. I felt Perrie wrap her arms around my waist from behind me her chin resting on my shoulder."Do you like it I know its cliche and all but I wanted this to be special." She said shyly. I smiled at Perrie's adorabalness noticing I didn't answer. I turned my face to look at her resting one of my hands on her now burning cheek."I love it."  I saw her eyes shining from the light making her look even more beautiful....if that was even possible . I kissed her cheek going to take a seat on the table. "So Perrie Louise Edwards I just figured out one thing. I know completely nothing about you." She chuckled. "What do you want to know? " I shrugged "Anything " "Well Jade Amelia Thirlwall. My favorite color is blue. I'm named after Steve Perry. I am 18 years old. And I am on the perfect date with the perfect girl." She moved her hand so she was holding mine.I felt the heat on my cheeks radiating off my skin. I looked down shyly "Your so cheesy" I mummbled. "What could I say you bring that side out of me." She grinned like a 3 year old. "So one more question why me?" She looked at me a confused expression on her face. "Why you what?" I rolled my eyes laughing slightly at how lost she was. "When did you get the sudden interest in me?" There was a long pause as she was thinking of what to say as she ran her thumb over my knuckles. "To be honest I don't know I saw you that day when we were swimming and I thought you looked different,a good different and I just got hooked up on you." I smirked at her cockily knowing what she meant. "So basically you started liking me because you thought my body looked hot in a bikini" I saw her face flush red "" "One last question .I promise. But why are you trying to keep this so secretive I mean you'd kiss me then beat me like nothing happened." She rolled her eyes standing up taking me with her. "You ask too many questions Thirlwall. Isn't it enough for you to know that I'm falling for you?" I smiled as she dragged me to a different spot where white candles were set up in a heart shaped form as a slow song played from a radio near by. Perrie pulled me close her hands around my waist as I put mine around her neck pulling her even closer so my chin was on her shoulder as we danced . "I'll tell you about that later I promise Jade." She whispered in my ear pulling away slightly so she could look into my eyes. "What?" I asked tilting my head to the side seeing her crack a smile. "It's just you look so beautiful tonight Jade." Her eyes switched gazes from my left abd right eye. I could tell she honestly meant it. Her eyes now switched from my eyes to my lips. I could tell she's been waiting all week to kiss me. I wasn't stopping her when she leaned in. When our lips almost grazed eachothers we heard someone call Perrie's name. We both snapped our heads to the direction of the male waiter. "Yes?" Perrie asked slightly annoyed that we were inturupted. He scratched the back of his head nervously. "Umm your request has been taken and its ready for you its on the table." She nodded and I looked at her confused as he left. What request? what was happening ? "Umm?" I asked questionagly she grinned at me "It's a secret." Perrie leaned in again trying to connect our lips but I pulled away to look at her."What?" She whined. I sighed "What does this mean us what's going on?" She shrugged pulling me closer. "Jade I really like you and I only want you I just want to kiss you and hug you and make you feel special." I felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach again she leaned in once again but was cut off by me. "Perrie you've broken a million hearts before me. How do I know your not going to break mine to add to your collection? I mean everyone wants to date you so I don't know how to feel about this." Perrie took in a deep breath and I looked down at the ground waiting for an answer. She put her thumb and index finger on my chin lifting my head up so I could look her in the eyes. "You have to trust me." "But that's not enough what makes me different then anyone else?" "Jade your the first person to actually make me feel different I never had these type of feelings for anyone ever before. Plus your a girl doesn't that tell you something?" I shrugged. Her eyes narrowed looking really hard at my face ."Why are you so insecure? Isn't it enough that I told you your special to me I wont break your heart I promise." I don't know why I believed her when she said that it was probably cuz the way she said it made me mezmorized. The waitor came back ."Miss Edwards?" "I got it we're going now thank you." Annoyance filling her voice as I saw her grab a box from the waitors hand putting it in her jacket pocket before coming back to me grabbing me by my hand and taking me back to the car to drive me home.  

We stood at my porch again my back hitting the door as Perrie was getting ready to say her goodbyes "Jade ummm this is for you." She said handing me a rectangular red velvet box. I opened it curiously for it to reveal it was a silver necklace that had two charms on it. The first was a silver heart with the letters J.T& P.E carved in the middle of it behind the heart was a dog tail necklace which also had something engraved in it. I will love you til the end of time <3 She obviously knew I liked Beyonce and decided to put the line of one of my favorite songs on it. Perrie looked at her feet embarressed. "I know its not much bu..." I kissed her cheek cutting her off. "Shut up Perrie everything you did today has been amazing and mind blowing I just don't know how to repay you." I put on the necklace . She smiled cheekily. "I think I know how. Can I kiss you now? I've been waiting all week." I nodded smiling.Perrie grabbed on to the dog tail necklace pulling my face closer to hers until our lips met. It was like time stopped for a while it wasn't like out first kiss which was rough and fast. This one was soft and passinate. Beautiful was how I described it. I grabbed her waist pulling her closer to me so her hands were on either side of my head on the door deepening the kiss. Perrie didn't try any stupid games this time. I could taste her cherry lip gloss and smiled into the kiss. Her tongue brushed my bottom lip and I let her in this time her tounge exploring my mouth. Feeling that this kiss was perfect just like today. We pulled away smiling at each other taking a deep breaths trying to return to our regualar breathing patterns. Perrie moved in again but the door opened behind me causing me to almost fall if Perrie didn't grab my elbow helping me keep my balance. We turned around looking at my mom who stood in the doorway looking at both of us curiously. Did she see us? "Whose this?" She asked smiling. I didn't know whose face was redder mine or Perrie's. I couldn't speak so Perrie moved forward shaking my moms hand. "I'm a close friend of Jade's. Nice to meet you Mrs.thirlwall." My mom laughed "Oh please call me Norma umm...?" She stopped pausing not knowing her name. Perrie quickly added "Edwards . Perrie Edwards." "Ooooh your Debbie's daughter I know your mother why don't you come in for a while?" " Ummm mom she's really busy she needs to go home so sorry she can't stay." I cut in before Perrie answered because I knew if she stayed my mom would embarress the crap out of me. Perrie gave a kind smile to my mum and said. "Yeah I really have to go my mothers waiting for me at home but it was nice meeting you."She shook my mothers hand before leaving. I walked her to her car seeing my mom close the door behind us.  Perrie stood next to the door of her car looking at me. "Good night Jade." "Goodnight Perrie " I replied grabbing her waist startling her a bit as I kissed her passionately but soon enough her arms were around my neck kissing me back. I pulled away before my mum came out again and saw us. "What was that for?" Perrie grinned "That was for being so damn perfect Edwards." I pecked her lips one last time before I ran up the steps of my porch waving goodbye to her as she drove off. I walked in again seeing my mum grin at me. "I like her she seems nice. " I laughed "She is mum." she's amazing 


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