Stone Wings

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This is a short story  I wrote, I hope you like it and find it entertaining. Please comment:)

There was a girl, she was 12 years old and her name was Serenity Rose.  Her parents had abused her all her life. They are dead now. She did'nt kill them, she just found them that way. But she was happy that they were.

 She was sitting in the back of a room lit only by moonlight. The room was in their old, broken down house in the middle of no where. There were huge tears running down her face, but she wasn't making a sound. Then to  no one she whispered, "I wish someone would come. I want to get away from here."  Suddenly a man appeared in front of her. He was tall and handsome, but had a scary air about him that made her shiver.  When he spoke his voice was a low growl unlike anything she'd ever heard. "To get away, that is what you want, yes?" "Y-yes.", she stammered. "Well I cant take you away", he said, "but I'll tell you what I can do. I can grant you one wish. Anything you could imagine."  Serenity Rose just stared at him, wondering if this was some kind of cruel joke.  "Well! Do you want the wish or not?!?", he yelled, a roar that shook the whole house.  "Yes.. yes. I wish.. I wish I had wings. I want to fly away from this place." He smiled, a wicked smile, and said "Then wings you shall have..".  The room let up in a bright flash and she fell to the floor, crippled by the weight on her back.  She cried out in pain and struggled to lift her head and look into the mirror across the room. When she saw herself she screamed. She had wings alright. They were huge and made of stone, at least ten times her weight. "This.. you!.. THIS IS'NT WHAT I MEANT!", she screamed. But the mysterious man was gone, leaving her alone and without help to get up off the ground forever.

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