Chap. 1

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Kylie's P.O.V


"ARGH" I groaned loudly as I slammed my fist on the death instrument also known as my alarm clock.

I rolled out of bed and grabbed my outfit for today which consisted of black leggings, white vans, black long-sleeve top and my baggy hoodie to conceal all my scars and bruises. Yes I self-harm due to the online hate, hate at school and physical abuse from my bullies.

"KY, HURRY UP" I hear my twin yell from downstairs.
"COMING HAAS" I yelled back. Quickly I got dressed, brushed my teeth and hair then threw it into a messy bun.

I grabbed my back pack and headed downstairs but not before grabbing my best friend... My razor. I quickly ran downstairs.

"Ky, you gonna eat?" Nash questioned me.
"No thanks Nash, not hungry." I lied I just don't need anything to eat since I'm already fat enough as it is.

"Alright, let's goooo" he sang. I just giggled and followed walking alongside Hayes.
"I CALL SHOTGUN" I yelled as I ran and sat in the front.
"Ohhh, but Kyls I wanna." Hayes whined. I giggled and said "Haas I promise you can on the way home from school."
"Yay, thanks Ky." he smiles and I smile back.

*skip car ride*

I was becoming really nervous and Hayes seemed to notice as he puts his arm around me and says "Kyls what's wrong, you seem...... scared."
"Oh no it's nothing just a test." I lied again since they don't know about the bullying it tends to happen when they aren't around.
"I know you'll do great lil sis." He shows bright and huge grin.
"Thanks Haas you're the best, and you're only 2 minutes older." I whined the last bit.
"Oh, I know but you'll always be little sister. I promise never to leave you ever." He smiles as he looks me in the eyes. I smile back and then hug him and whisper into his neck "thanks Hayes. I love you." He hugs back Instantly and says "anything for you and I love you more" "not possible" I smile "yes possible" he smiles back.

"Alright Ky I gotta get to class I'll see you in third hour. Okay?"
"Okay Hayes see you soon. Bye!" I yelled as I walked off to my locker. I got to my locker and entered my combination to put my stuff in and grab my books for first hour. Once it was open it was instantly shut. I can instantly tell who it is because of her perfume she's my main bully Malia Hughes.

"Hey, slut I saw you with your brother Nash this morning and I want you to stay away from him" she said venom dripping from her tone. But I was confused since Nash is my brother so I kinda can't stay away from him.

"How am I meant t-t-to stay-y away fr-from him if h-he's m-m-m-my brother" I stuttered scared as shit. She just smirks and punches me in the gut and bends down to whisper in my ear "if you don't this'll happen, even more than it is now." "I don't care, i-i-if you hurt me. So bye" and I quickly grabbed my books and ran all the way to home group.

*skip school*

I haven't eaten at all today but I made 5 new cuts for everything I was called and 2 extra for Malia, so that makes 7. I was called a hoe, bitch, slut, pig, and a freak. I just plugged my headphones in and walked home after telling Nash I would. Apparently Nash has a new girlfriend I don't know who it is I just hope it isn't Malia.

*skip to home*

Nash, Hayes and mystery girl aren't here yet, mum, dad and Sky are on a business trip.

I went upstairs to my room and did my homework.

I was about half way through my homework when Nash, Hayes and the mystery girl got home. I heard them laughing but that laugh so familiar I just can't place it.

"KYLIE, COME MEET MY GIRLFRIEND WILL YA?" He yelled and quite harshly. What the hell he never calls me Kylie unless I'm in trouble. I called back saying "COMING NASH. ONE MINUTE" "NOW KYLIE" "GEEZ OKAY IM COMING" I yelled, why is he being so mean?

I walked out of my bedroom and down to the living room and saw Nash with...........


This is only my second book writing so I'm not very good. I've only done about 6 chapters in my other book and am currently working on a new one. It's called 'Someone Please Save Me' check it out and yeah buh-bye now!!!


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