Chapter XVIII- Home and I'm Fine

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"Skywalker," Mace growled in his deep, low voice that used to scare Anakin as a young padawan. The Master Jedi had a deathly still and dangerous glance fixed on Anakin, just like the other Jedi Masters who sat in the Council chairs, the bright city of Coruscant behind them. "Calm yourself!"

Calm. Calm? Calm!

How in all the kriffing galaxy can he be calm right now.

"Sorry if I'm a bit on edge, Masters, but if you were captured by who-knows-what, injected with an unknown substance, gain impossible abilities, known that Coruscant will burst into flames and your apprentice was taken by black would be a little hard to stay calm, too!" Anakin hissed on the verge of shouting at the man. Windu however, just had the cold, emotionless stare that was always plastered to his face, like the other Masters, though their gaze's were not as harsh.

Obi-Wan was the only one who seemed to show... Something, though Anakin couldn't place it. Deeper than sadness, but not devastation. Warmer than emotionless, but colder than comforting. Anakin wasn't getting a very good read on his Force-signature either. It almost was alarming that he couldn't sense Obi-Wan's true emotions—especially because they were more vivid since Moraband—but right now, Anakin couldn't care much about the matter, since there were topics that actually were to worry about.

The council report continued, mostly Obi-Wan with the occasional word from Anakin. The two gave their report of the experience. Everything from being captured to right now. Neither Jedi mentioned Anakin's enhanced powers. Obi-Wan felt it wasn't his place, though to Anakin, it just didn't feel relevant—he'd forgotten about it. To him, he just adapted his new power and went with it. The Force was stronger, brighter and exhilarating—somtimes painful—but now it was normal.

Finally the meeting was over. Anakin zoned-out for majority of it. He couldn't focus of anything apart from Ahsoka and Coruscant. Too many thoughts swirled around his mind, each subject digging into him and unleashing guilt, sorrow, pain, both for past events of what happened to Ahsoka and the future events of Coruscant's destruction. He was so sure that it would happen. Somehow...whenever.

Dwelling inside his own conscious, he didn't realise that Obi-Wan was talking next to him as they left the Council Chambers. "Uh—sorry, Master. I wasn't listening."

Obi-Wan halted and it made Anakin stop, too. Obi-Wan had that same look on his face as he did before. It was irritating that Anakin couldn't figure out what it meant. "Are you okay?" The question didn't take Anakin by surprise.



Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes, inspected his former apprentice. He knew Anakin was lying—without needing the Force. "When was the last time you slept?"

First night on Moraband.

"The trip back here." He himself didn't even know why he was lying. Maybe it was just the constant need to prove that we was fine, though really wasn't. Or maybe that there were seriously deeper problems than himself to worry and care about—Ahsoka, for instance.

"Do you want do go to the Mess-Hall with me. We can get something to eat?"

I don't want to eat.

"No, I'm fine."

Obi-Wan sighed. "Do you want to talk about what happened on Moraband?..." That questioned did take Anakin by surprise, though he probably should have seen it coming. Obi-Wan was just trying to get him to talk about Ahsoka, the shadows, Darth Bane, the Force new strength or the vision...

I don't know.

Anakin just stayed silent, until, "Ahsoka. She's still there." The way his old mentor was talking... "Don't talk about it like it's over. It's not." His voice was surprisingly steady, numb of anger and sorrow. "Everything is still not okay."

Obi-Wan nodded slowly. "I know."



Sorry for the short chapter. It's just to explain what has happened after 2 out of the 3 Jedi made it back to Coruscant. What's happened to Ahsoka? Who are THEY? Will Anakin's vision of a burning Coruscant become true? Is everyone running out of time?

Vote and comment if you liked this chapter. Once again sorry it so short. The next chapter will be about Ahsoka. Could be a little dark.

May the Force be with you


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