The match

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I walk inside the gym. I go downstairs to the exercise room. I see Kendra hitting the bag. I walk up and wrap my arms around her. I kiss her on the neck. 

"Miranda stop"She moans.  

"Why you know you like it" I whisper in her ear. I run my hands down her body. 

"Ah no lets start practicing" She says and pushes me off and throws my gloves at me.  

"Alright"I say and walk to the locker rooms. I change into shorts and a sports bra. I leave the locker rooms and go to the ring I start sparing. I was in the zone when I heard my name. I call time out. I look around to see Adrian and food. I get out the ring and walk to Adrian. I grinned when she pulls out some Chick-fil-a. I sat down on the edge of the ring.  

"Thanks babe" I say smiling. 

"Welcome I just got off work" she say leaning back. 

"How was it" I ask. 

"Tiresome" she says. Adrianna works at a mechanics shop. She hella good with cars. She races them as well. 

"You get fucked with again?" I ask. 

"Nah they calmed down still talks shit on the sly but don't matter they know I'm damn good so they just hate" She says. I love her attitude she is like a uncover asshole. I laugh and sip my drink she got me cherry coke my favorite.  

"Oh I got you something" she says and reaches in her bag to pull out a container. 

"What is it" I ask. I open it to see coconut cake. 

"Thank youu!!" I yell and kiss her on the cheek. I love coconut cake with a passion.  

"Dammit you gonna get me fat" I say. 

"You work it off I'd still love you regardless"she says. I stick my tongue out. After I ate I decided I didn't wanna work out no more so I tell her to wait for me and go to change. I change and leave out. Adrianna and I hopped on the bus and went to Marco's house. Marco is my brothers best friend and partner. So my brother sells drugs. Marco is his partner. I don't do that but my affiliation with my brother makes me well known 

To be honest I like it a little but not much. Adrianna is opposite of me she doesn't like attention so she avoids it. We get to Marco's house and walk inside. Weed smell hits me. I decided to take a hit. Adrianna doesn't smoke like that so we open the window so she doesn't get much. She doesn't smoke because she has asthma. Yes my best friend is straight nerdy life but her swag says other wise. She takes off her glass and I look at those eyes. 

"What?" she asks. 

"Nothing you got some pretty ass eyes that's what damn I can't compliment you" i joke. She giggles. 

"Thank you" She says. 

"I want some Chinese food" she says randomly. 

"Random ass" I laugh. she shrugs and walked to the kitchen. 

"girl where you been yall niggas just walk into my house" Marco jokes. I had a key here and so did Adrianna. 

"Bitch bye we got a key" Adrianna says coming out the kitchen. 

"True dat" he says. Marco was tanned skin, brown eyes, black long hair and thick build. Oh he Hispanic but you can guess from the name. I loved him like my big brother. He was always there for me and Adrianna.


I went to the door to get my food.  

"How you gonna order Chinese in my house and not get me none" he says 

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