Chapter 2: Part 2

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"You tore his throat out. You killed him." She lifted a shaking hand to point to Milo's headless body. Her face was green and she swallowed convulsively. Her breath stank of vomit and bile, it was not a pleasant smell.

"I did." I tilted my head as I watched her. She had been sheltered, it was apparent as she stared at me with an almost grey complexion.

"You are covered in blood." Her voice was shaky and the smell of her breath made my curl my nose up in disgust. There was no need for the vomit.

"I am." I nodded again. I was surprised she had such an issue with it. She was a shifter, blood and death were a part of life for us. Her eyes landed on my prize and she screeched as she scrambled away from me as best she could with me still holding her arm.

"You have his head!" Her eyes went wide as she gagged slightly, looking away from my prize as horror twisted her face. I looked down at the head in my hand.

"I do." I was quite happy with it. My wolf agreed with me and I thought for a moment before deciding that the moment I got Carla back to Bruce, I would let her out to have fun with it. She yipped excitedly and I resisted the urge to chuckle at her unusual puppy like behaviour. She was always so serious but I figured if there was a time for exuberance it would be now.

"Oh god! I'm going to be sick." Carla leaned away while making a harsh gagging sound. I hated the sound and wanted to tell her to stop being dramatic but I kept my mouth closed on the subject, knowing tact was a bit more useful at the moment.

"Alpha will be worried. Did they hurt you?" I knew she wasn't entirely hurt. Anything that may have happened would have healed by now. She didn't look at me as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"No. You got here in time." She glanced at me, her face going green as she looked at my prize again. She pointed at it with a shaky hand. "You can't bring the head." I wanted to snort at the paltry order. The head was coming.

"I'm going to." I tilted my head and she shook hers violently.

"You can't." Her voice was pitched to an almost hysterical level that made my wince at the pitch of it. There was no need for her dramatics.

"I can." And I would. I wouldn't leave it behind. It was mine.

"Why do you want it?" She looked at me and swallowed convulsively and I gave her a wicked smile that showed my sharp canines. Watching her react to the truth was always interesting.

"I'm going to chew on it." I fought down a smile as she turned away and gagged heavily, spitting out whatever bile had come up. The acrid smell burned my nose and I pulled her to her feet without waiting for her to finish.

"Please put it down!" Carla coughed as I drug her up the path. We would get to the large manor in less than ten minutes if we hurried. "Please, Lace, I don't want to see it anymore." She sniffled and I knew her hysterics had brought on tears. I didn't care, my prize would come with me and we would only let it go when we were satisfied.

"Do not look at it, Alpha Female. It is coming with me." I gave a low growl with the words. I wouldn't abide by her tears and her dramatics like Bruce would. I was doing as I wished and I would not listen to her.

"Please." She gave a choked sob that twisted the word and I gave another low growl.

"Save your hysterics and tears for Alpha. They do not work on me." I followed the path easily but Carla lagged behind, stumbling and tripping as she sniffled pathetically. I pulled her along as we reached Pauline's Point. The head swayed by my leg and my wolf wiggled in excitement at the thought of being allowed to deal with it.

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