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"They're honeymoon stage is over." JB states bitterly. "It was short and sweet, but now they're onto the hard stuff."

"What do you mean, Hyung?" Yugyeom questions, looking up from his seat.

JB glances towards Mark and Jackson, curled up on Jackson's hospital bed, completely oblivious to what's happening around them while they are immersed in their slumber.

"It's not going to be easy for them now, Yugie." JB pats the younger's head. "They have to fight in order to survive now."

"Why? They fought before." Yugyeom questions, his innocent mind unaware of the amount of work a true relationship takes.

"They did, but it was over stupid little things, nothing they couldn't beat with a hammer and get over." JB kneels in front of Yugyeom, glad to have someone to spill his thoughts to, even if Yugyeom didn't understand completely.

"What's gonna happen to them?" Yugyeom worries, his gaze darts to Mark and Jackson, tears forming in his peaceful eyes.

"No one knows, it's all up to fate." JB wipes away the tears that fall onto Yugyeom's cheeks, pulling him in for a hug.

"What if fate doesn't want them happy?" Yugyeom whimpers, his face hidden in JB's shoulder.

"Well, we will have to deal with it then." JB rubs Yugyeom's back, trying to comfort the concerned boy.

"I don't like it when they fight." Yugyeom whispers, his arms squeezing JB's neck.

"The fighting they do now won't be with each other as much as before. They'll have to fight to keep others away." JB informs Yugyeom, placing his cheek on Yugyeom's freshly dyed hair.

"Why?" Yugyeom manages to pull away and look up into JB's eyes, searching for an answer. "Does someone want to hurt them?"

"Not necessarily hurt them, but help them in the way they see most beneficial for the two." JB explains, releasing Yugyeom and leaning back against the wall.

"But if they are helping, why wouldn't Mark and Jackson want them around?" Yugyeom rubs his eyes, violently.

"Sometimes, we think we are doing something that will fix things, but it only ends up hurting the people we love most." JB mumbles, his own eyes threatening to spill the dreaded salty drops of frustration and confusion.

"I don't want to hurt any of you." Yugyeom states, his gaze falling to his lap. "What if I make a mistake? What if I try to help, but only make things worse for them?"

"Yugyeom." JB takes Yugyeom's face in his hands. "There is nothing—I mean nothing—you could ever do to any of us to make us leave. You will never ever hurt any of us. A mistake is a mistake, it can be fixed."

"But what if when we try to fix the mistake, it makes things worse?" Yugyeom continues to worry himself to the point he might throw up.

"If we work together, they will be fixed right." JB reassures him. "Go find Jr. and go back to the dorm. You need to sleep. I'll be back later, I have to get Mark up."

Yugyeom nods, forcing himself to his feet. He drags himself into the hallway, pulling his phone out to find Jr.'s location. JB cautiously approaches Mark and Jackson, his hand stretched out in front of him. Carefully, JB shakes Mark's shoulder, waking him from his dream.

"Hm?" Mark yawns, rolling over to face JB.

"We gotta get going." JB informs him, pushing the hair out of his face.

Mark nods, kissing Jackson's cheek, and slipping his arm out from under him. Jackson stirs, his eyes fluttering open as he grabs Mark's wrist. Mark smiles down at him, running his fingers over Jackson's cool skin.

"Where are you going?" Jackson whispers, his face tired and twisted in slight pain.

"I have to go home." Mark mumbles, pressing his lips to Jackson's forehead. "Your mom should be here any minute."

"I don't want you to go." Jackson states, his grip tightening.

"Jackson." Mark sits back down on the edge of the bed, his eyes gentle. "I have to."

Jackson frowns, biting his lip. "Please."

JB watches in jealousy, his own relationships far from this level of dependence. Mark strokes Jackson's cheek, humming. Jackson closes his eyes as he places his hand overtop of Mark's.

"I want to stay, I really do, but I have to go." Mark presses his nose to Jackson's brushing their lips against each other.

Jackson nods, knowing Mark would do anything he could to stay with him. Mark kisses him once again, his hands on either side of Jackson's face, deepening it. JB patiently waits in the hallway, not really wanting to witness what he believes to be playing out behind him.

"I love you." Mark states, pressing one last kiss to Jackson's forehead before pulling away and following after JB.

"I love you, too!" Jackson calls after him, watching Mark's figure disappear into the dark hallway.

"Are you ready?" JB asks, catching Mark's wrist.

"Oh, yeah." Mark stutters, still devastated by the fact he has to leave Jackson behind.

"Let's go." JB nods, leading Mark towards the exit.

Mark wobbles his way down the stairs, the cool wind blowing through his hair as he glances back over his shoulder. JB catches them a cab, waiting patiently for Mark to catch up. He holds the door for Mark as he slips in, his head leaning back on the seat immediately.

JB tells the driver the address and guides Mark's head to his shoulder. He runs his fingers through Mark's ratted hair. Mark sighs, every part of his very being wants to run back inside and hold Jackson, but he can't.

"He'll be fine." JB reassures Mark, resting his cheek against his hair.

"I know he will, but it still worries me." Mark admits, watching the buildings pass them by.

JB allows the backseat to fall silent, closing his eyes as Mark cuddles up to him. Mark bathes in the moonlight, his mind slowly drifting into a dreamland he never wants to leave.

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