Chapter 2

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*Hope Pov*
I've been running for about 3 hours now and my legs are about to give up. It hopefully no one can track me anymore. I had studied the boarders for a long time before coming rogue which was a good thing to do since I knew this time would come so I wouldn't get killed while running away. I was heading to California to pursue my dreams of becoming a singer. I've been told I had a great voice like my mother. God I miss them. I noticed I had slowed down and maybe thought I should take a break. I looked around for so neutral land I went over by a tree and laid down giving my wolf some rest before taking off again.  I had fell asleep for a while but was awaken by someone throwing something at me. I opened my eyes and looked over to see some guys. "Shift filthy rogue" one commanded. I groaned I wasn't on pack territory. I grabbed my bag and went behind the tree shifting and then got dressed. "Okay listen here I'm not on your territory I'm not no mans land and I'm just heading to California so if you would let me go that would be great" I said stepping out and crossing my arms. "No little lady your coming with us" one stated grabbing my arm. I flinched as he touched a bruise. I tried to get away which resulted in the other man grabbing my arm roughly making me whimper. "Come on this isn't fair I wasn't on your pack land so you half to let me go this is against the wall" I said as the took me down to the cell. I let out a squeal when they threw me into the small cell. My sleeve of sweater was now ripped I sighed as I sat down and gave the guys a look that will kill "The alpha will be down shortly to see you" one spoke. I just shrugged my shoulders and laid
down on the cold hard floor. Maybe going rogue wasn't a good idea after all.

Hey sorry for the short chapter I had fell asleep after school I'll update a longer one tomorrow what do you guys think the alpha will do with her? Do you think the guys were right to throw her in the cell?

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