2:Falling inlove

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(Hai, Zeyna here, I hope you enjoyed the first part and let's continue with the chapter, bai)

Aaron's POV
I woke up early in the morning, about 5:10 am to be specific, when I woke up I remembered last night *he cracks a smile*
*time skip to when they get to school brought to you by dumb head*

3rd person POV
While the Aphmau and Aaron were chatting while going to their lockers, Aphma accidentley tripped because of Michi dropping her pencil on purpose.

Aphmau's POV
While Aaron and I were chatting Michi tried to make me fall, surprisingly, I fell onto Aaron and he caught me, I probably blushed like crazy, he looks so- Aphmau! Control yourself! My Irene...

3rd person POV
As he looked into her eyes, as if they were shining, he was blushing but since he was wearing his hood and mask no one noticed as everyone around there stood in shock.

Aa:Aph! You alright?

A:Y-yes, I'm a-alright, t-thank you f-for catching m-me...

Aa:No problem, c'mon let's get to our classes, and are you sure your okay?

A:y-yeah... I'm good and let's go...

Garroth's POV
Today was a new day! I'm gonna ask Aphmau out so we can get to know each other, I hope she says yes, while I was walking towards Aphmau I noticed she was talking to the Mysterious guy, so I called out "Aphmau!" Before she can even notice me calling, I noticed Michi tried to make her fall, I tried to warn Aphmau but she already fell, but she fell with him catching her.... The mysterious guy....all the people who witnessed it including me just stood there in shock, after that I just ran away to find Lawrence and the group...

L:Hey Garroth! Were you able to ask Aphmau on date?

G:No... She was with the Mysterious guy, when she slipped she fell and the guy caught her...

L:wait... What!?

*everyone stood in shock*

KC:Is Aphmau~Senpai alright?

K:Yeah is she?

G:She doesn't look as if injured...wait... Here she comes!

*Aphmau goes to the group*

A:Hey guys! What's up?


L:Aphmau... What were you doing with the guy?...

A:Huh? Oh him... We were just talking why?

J:What did you do with him?

Z:Did he hurt you?

A:For your information his name is Aaron and he is not mean like you think

L:H-How do you know that?!

A:I was taking a stroll after school last Friday in the woods and I saw him, we started to chat about each other and get to know more about him

G&L: *whispers to self* Darn it! I wish he was me....

A:Um guys.. You okay?

G:Huh? Oh y-yeah, I'm f-fine...

L:I-Its just homework... Yeah Homework....

G:*Whispers to Lawrence* nice one....


*Time skip to After school brought to by my lazy butt*

KC:Hi Aphmau~Senpai!!!

A:Oh hey Kawaii~Chan! Wazzup?

KC: Kawaii~Chan just wanted to know if Aphmau~Senpai can go to Kawaii~Chan's Sleepover tonight!

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