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I woke up at around 9:30 am. I looked back to see G-eazy hugging my waist, his hair in his beautiful face. I turned my whole body to face him. A smirk curled his lips. His brown eyes opened to look at me." Good morning sugar." He kissed my forehead and got up. G went in the bathroom and closed the door, I got up too getting dressed. I took off my shirt and pajama shorts. I quickly put on skinny jeans until Gerald walked out of the bathroom and stared at me. He walked over to me and grabbed my waist pulling me close to him. G put his hand on my head resting it on his chest. He rested his head on mine. I closed my eyes for a moment before we pulled back." Alright let's get ready." He got dressed in a black leather jacket, black ripped skinny jeans, and a black shirt. He then put on some vans then grabbed his phone. I put on a (f/c) shirt, and a (f/s) (favorite show) jacket." Come on we got to go to the stadium where you're performing tonight." He sighed," Hold up." "We have to get there early love. It starts at 9:45 tonight. Lots of fans will be there early." He looked up," Fine." Gerald got up walking past me, until I grabbed his arm." What is your problem?" "Nothing." He said grouchy." Gerald I know something isn't right, you aren't being youself." "I'M JUST FINE (Y/N)! Leave me alone!" "Hey I'm just trying to make us early to the stadium!" He rolled his eyes," Whatever." I crossed my arms shaking my head," Fine then let's just go!" He yelled. I ran down the stairs walking to the car. I waited for him to unlock it. The car finally unlocked and I hopped in. Then he jumped in, starting the car. G pulled out of the driveway and drove off.
~~twenty minutes later~~
We were almost there, when Gerald started to speed." G calm down." That's when he started to speed more." Slow down love." He gave me the death glare, I grabbed the door handle. He was now going like 70." Slow down!" We heard police driving behind us." Shit, slow down!" "No!" I bit my lip, and that's when our car slid, another car ran into us. I blacked out with him yelling my name.
I woke up slowly to find myself in the hospital. I looked around to find Gerald sitting in a chair next to me, I snapped my fingers. He flinched and stood up," (y/n)! You're awake!" I nodded trying to move, but pain just rushed through my body." Oww." I groaned." Don't move sweets!" He said resting my head and arms back down. Gerald kissed me then rested his forehead against mine." I'm so sorry. This is all my fault." "No it's not. It's nobody's fault." He looked into my eyes pecking my lips." I'm glad you're ok." I nodded," Same with you."
A/N i got this idea from Me, Myself, and I music video, when he like crashes, I think 😯😂

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