high school [smut]

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Melanie has been sent to an alternative school because of foul language, sexual behavior, and terrible attendence at her previous school. This will be her last chance at graduating. Her parents slightly fear for Melanie's future but they've given enough hope, hearing nothing but good things about the place.

Though it had only been her second day, Melanie was already in the principal's office. She stood arms crossed in front of Mrs. Frangipane's desk.

"Unroll your skirt." She ordered, knowing all too well of the sneaking behind the dress code. Plenty of girls have tried rolling up the waistband of their skirts because the full length of them looked ugly and apparently some girls weren't too fond of modesty or public decency and didn't understand how profressional you must be in a workplace.

"Fine," Melanie smirked as she unrolled it, pulling it further down, showing the hem of her lace panties.

The principal narrowed her eyes at the student, "Ms. Martinez."

Melanie smirked, "it's kind of hot in here," she removed her sweater to reveal a lacey pink bra to match.

The principal bit her bottom lip, illegal thoughts bustling her mind. "Take a seat," she mumbled.

Melanie giggled and rolled her eyes, "seriously?" And she dropped her skirt to her feet, left in only panties, a bra, knee socks, and sneakers. She was shocked her principal let her go this far without making a move or some sort of verbal acknowledgement. She sighed, turning slightly to take a seat upon the edge of the wooden desk. She arched her back dramatically.

Mrs. Frangipane scanned Melanie's body hungrily, "such a slut."

Melanie scoffed and swung her legs over the surface. She scooted closer, bring herself in front of the short haired woman. She dropped her legs on either side of her as her principal sat in her chair. Melanie leaned back, propping her upper half up with her arms while her feet dangled innocently off the desk. "Come on, Mrs. Frangipane..." she licked her lips and narrowed her eyes down at her own crotch, "she's purring for you, baby."

is this okay? should i continue? i personally love student teacher kinks but idk if i should go on

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