Chapter 52

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"Tristan, it was-"


Christopher looks between Tristan and I silently before he rubs his forehead, sitting down. "A fight broke out in the cafeteria. I was in the middle."

An explicit leaves Tristan's mouth in a rush.

"It really wasn't as bad as it looks."

"You should have told me. I would have found a way to see you!"

"No, Tristan. I have no idea how you've managed to even get the guards to agree to this but I'm guessing it cost you and you did not have to do that."

"Yes, I did. We're going to get you a shorter sentence. I'm going to find a way."

"That's impossible."

"Nothing's impossible if you have enough money."

Christopher looks from Tristan's intense gaze to me, gesturing to his son. "Spoken like a true businessman, am I right?"

Tristan's hand sets warmly on my back. "I've heard you already met Genevieve."

His dad laughs, nodding to me. "Yes, I hope you're not too upset. I was trying to gauge who you were- the real you."

I press my lips together nervously and reply, "And what was the verdict?"

"... That you were just as lovely as my son described."

My heart warms, relaxing at the sound of those words. Tristan rubs my back, gesturing me to sit.

"I was actually fascinated by how much you remind me of Daisy..." He glances at Tristan. "Isn't she much like her?"

My golden-haired boyfriend smiles down tenderly at me, unbuttoning his suit jacket as he sits beside me. "Yes."

"Her beauty- kindness... Strength. I see her strength in you... I've heard much about your strength. You were in Thailand with my son."

I'm blushing ridiculously as Tristan grabs my hand. "Yes."

"You saved my son's life."

Jesus, this is intense. I shake my head, pulling Tristan's hand into my lap.

"No, we saved each other, sir."

Tristan's fingers tighten on mine and as I look up, I see the admiration in his eyes. The angry businessman is no longer here.

"You two look very happy. Have things changed much since I was brought here?"

Tristan grunts softly, nodding. "Uh, I told you about Casey. She's now been declared unstable and has checked herself into a hospital."

Chris sits forward. "Wait- checked herself?"


"Are you telling me she's not in custody?"

"She is not. She's been granted bail until her trial."

"But, how could that happen? You were able to get the confession?"

"Yes. I did. I spoke with an officer and he mentioned that something was going on and that he'd look into it. I'm having Daryl look into it now."

Christopher's blue eyes flicker to me before they return to his son. "Is Casey a danger?"

"Not that I know of-" Tristan looks down at me. "But we're taking precautions."

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