Prologue: A Bored Goddess is a Dangerous One

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3rd Person Omniscient POV:

Aphrodite was terribly bored on Mount Olympus. Nothing gossip-worthy was going on. Then it came to her: she should check in on the demigod with, in her opinion, the most jacked up love life: Nico di Angelo.

She turned on the magical T.V that her husband built for her. Finally she spotted him walking away from a proud daughter of Athena and a highly confused son of Poseidon. She checked Percy's "love aura" or feelings he has for different people. Blue (sibling love) and a bit of purple (love) was pointed toward Annabeth, but quite surprisingly, a generous amount of red aura was directed at none other than Nico himself.

Aphrodite couldn't believe it. Nico's crush since he was 10 actually liked him back! She couldn't help it. She squealed. "SQEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!" could be heard by the rest of the Olympians. They just rolled their eyes. "There she goes again," Athena sighed.

After her fangirling episode, Aphrodite turned back to the screen. She decided to also look at Nico's love aura. What she saw amazed her. Blue was directed at Percabeth and red was pointed at Will Solace, who was waiting for Nico at the top of a hill. Just for fun, she checked the son of Apollo's love aura. It was a burning mixture of purple (love) and red. This was getting more interesting by the second.

*le time skip to the infirmary*

Aphrodite watched intently as Will tended to Nico's wounds. Just as he was finished up, Jason barged in. Then he spotted Nico and literally tackled him. "Oh my gods, are you alright?!" he shouted, concerned. Instead of yelling at the blonde Superman like the love goddess assumed, Nico just laughed. "I'm fine Jason. No need to go all 'Mama Wolf'." Jason scratched the back of his head while smiling sheepishly. "Sorry about that. I was just worried you know?"

Will, however, was not amused. "Okay okay. Nico needs his rest. Bye Jason." Will said his name quite bitterly, so Jason looked at him with a raised eyebrow, but he was already strapping an annoyed Nico into a wheelchair. Aphrodite took this chance to take a peek at Jason's love aura. It was a startling combination of green (finding one attractive) and red (crushing). Finally Nico quieted down and Will wheeled him to Zeus knows where while Jason exited the infirmary.

Aphrodite's smirk transformed into a creepy grin. "Let the games begin." she said to no one in particular.

I tried.
Mostly likely failed.
Oh well.


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