Chapter 2

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I walked well more like jogged out of the classroom. The further I'm away from Miss queen bee the better. I pushed the school doors open and started walking the thirty minute walk to my house. Well you see Dinah and I live on the same street. Which makes everything worse because she has partied almost every week. I live by myself because my parents died in eighth grade. I remember it like it happened yesterday and that was the only time Dinah was nice to me.

Previously 8th grade age 14


I ran towards the base and slid to make it. But if course Dinah had to jump in front of me and get me out. Which also resulted in a bloody nose. So I started walking towards the locker room. So I could clean up my nose and I heard our softball coach tell Dinah "Hansen go help Y/L/N clean up." Dinah gave me a dirty look and then ran up next to me. "This is stupid. I shouldn't have to help you. I hate you still." She told me.

"Whatever Dinah. I honestly don't care because I hate your guts too. So just shut up so we can get this done and over with." I told her. We walked in the locker room and I headed towards the bathroom and washed my face off. Eventually getting the bleeding to stop. Dinah comes over with a new gym outfit and throws it at me. Luckily I caught it but after I glared at her. I honestly hate her I thought to myself. I was about to tell her I hated her when coach came in and he looked really sad. Maybe I can cheer him up.

"Hey coach. What's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked. He nodded no and said. "Y/n I need to talk to you. Come over and sit down okay?" I nodded and sat down. I crossed my fingers and started praying he didn't kick me off the softball team. Please don't kick me off. My parents are always so proud when I do good and I love seeing them smile. I smiled just thinking about how my parents always tell me their so proud of me and smile and hug me after my games.

"Y/n I'm sorry." He said frowning. I looked at him with a confused expression. "Why are you sorry coach? You haven't done anything wrong to me." I stated. He shook his head "Y/n. Your parents got in an accident and they didn't make it honey. They're no longer with us. Y/n your parents didn't make it. I'm so sorry sweetheart." He said sadly. "Do you want Dinah and I in here or do you want us to leave sweetie?" He asked nicely. "Can you guys leave please I just need some time to myself?" I asked. He nodded his head and told Dinah. "Let's go Hansen." And then he left.

I walked into the biggest bathroom and locked the door. I slid down the wall and brought my knees to my chest. I heard the door open and close again and I knew Dinah has left too. I started sobbing. My mom and dad are gone. Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do with out them? They kept me stable. I continued crying and crying. Then all of a sudden I felt arms wrap around me and pull me close to them.

I would've yelled at them. But honestly I just needed someone to hold me. I cried into their shirt and then I heard them say. "I'm so sorry Y/n. They didn't deserve this. They were good people. It'll be okay. I promise you." As soon as I realized who it was I let go and tried moving away from them. I didn't want them even touching me. But they didn't let go. In fact they held tighter. "Stop moving I'm not letting go at Y/n." She said sternly. "Why are you even here? I don't need you and I don't want to be touched." I said. "I'm here because when you heard the news. I felt your pain. I don't understand how but I knew you needed someone and that's why I'm here. I know your sad and as strange as it is. I can feel that you're sad too." She stated.

I started crying even more because it's hitting me harder now. My parents are really dead they're not coming back. Dinah pulled me closer and started whispering things to me. "Y/n I promise you I'll help you through this. I honestly don't hate you. I promise you I don't hate you Y/n--



"I promise you I hate you Y/n." Dinah yelled at me. As she walked behind me. Her mom doesn't let her drive either so she's walking home too. "Whatever Dinah I don't care." I said and cringed when I heard my voice crack. I started feeling really sad because I don't get to go home and see my parents anymore and she does. Yet I have to pay for my bills and work while she's rich and has everything handed to her. I heard her footsteps start going faster and then a hand grabbed me by the wrist and turn me around. "What's wrong with you?" Dinah asked. "That's none of you're business Dinah." I said and pulled my wrist out of her hand and started walking away faster.

"It is my business. I can feel that you're sad and it's hurting me for some odd reason." She yelled and I turned around to look at her. "I'M THINKING ABOUT MY PARENTS. OKAY DINAH. I DON'T GET TO GO HOME TO MY PARENTS LIKE YOU DO. I HAVE TO WORK AND PAY BILLS. WHILE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING HANDED TO YOU. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY DINAH! I HONESTLY HATE YOU TOO. IS THAT WAHT YOU WANT TO HEAR. Just please leave me alone." I yelled but whispered the last part because tears started rolling down my cheeks. It hurts thinking about my parents I really miss them. It hurts even more when I have softball games and they're not there cheering me on. Or how they don't greet me after the game with a hug or and I love you.

I just miss them and I don't think anyone cares. I started walking and I heard Dinah start walking too. But something happened. I started feeling even more sad and I started feeling guilty. Why am I guilty? I turned my head to look over my shoulder and saw that Dinah was looking at the ground with a sad yet guilty look on her face as she walked. Just another hundred feet and I'm home. I finally reached my house and turned to see Dinah looking at me. I mouthed What? She looked down and then back at me and mouthed back I'm sorry. I rolled my eyes and walked inside.

I don't believe her anymore honestly she's said I'm sorry so much and always ends up going back to her old ways right after. But now all I can think about is the one and only. Yep you guessed it. Dinah Jane Hansen.

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