Prologue - The Confession

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Ok . . . I think I'm ready. I might as well just start.

My name is Sam Cusack. I'm 22 years old and I recently moved to Kent, Ohio to start my university degree at Kent State where, in the fall, I'm going to start a course in information architecture and knowledge management. I don't know if I can be classed as a mature student because, A. I'm not mature in the slightest and B. Because isn't that something they say about older people? Like in their forties? Who knows?

Anyway, none of that is really that important. So I'll just get down to the point. I'm writing this down, so that if the police arrest me and my work colleagues for what we're about to do, there is no doubt whatsoever that absolutely none of what's about to happen was my idea. Or my fault.

You see, the thing is I'm never really that good at talking to people and I get nervous easily. I also tend to ramble a lot and talk about things which are completely irrelevant to the original topic of conversation. Kind of like what I'm doing now . . .

So if I end up being questioned by the cops, I'll probably either just spout out whatever lies come into my head, or I'll wet myself. Maybe even both.

So if I write this down now, hopefully it will save me any embarrassment if I have an encounter with a "bad cop". Hell, I'll even read this out if they want to record me.

Anyway, this probably all sounds a little weird and confusing right now. So let me go back to the beginning of this story. That way you'll all believe me.

At least I hope you do, because I won't hack jail.

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