Chapter 29

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~Ed's Best Friend~

Chapter 29

Rose's POV

"HARRY I'M GETTING COLD" I whine, wrapping my hands around my body, trying to warm myself up.

The only response I get is the sound of running water.

He's been in the shower for longer than 15 minutes, since when shower men so long? I'm freezing.

I start bouncing on the door while screaming his name.

C'mon Harry

I hear him turn of the water and after a couple of seconds he opens the door. Steam making his away out of the opening.

Aah finally!

I look up, freezing into place, my lips forming a perfect 'o', my eyes observing the dripping, half naked boy in front of me.

A fluffy towel is wrapped around his middle, leaving his upper body uncovered, showing his abs and tattoos. 

Remember when I said I don't like people with tattoos... Well, I definitely take that back. He is hot! Really hot!  You seriously can't say he isn't.

"I'm sorry love! But if you hadn't pulled me in the pool, you could have been in the shower 20 minutes ago." His voice snaps me out of my trance, my eyes leaving his beautiful body and meeting his eyes.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have thrown me in it in the first place!" I stick out my tongue, before pressing a quick kiss on his cheek and slipping into the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

I smile at the images of the previous happenings in my mind.

How I joked around telling him I was allergic to chlorine, almost giving him a heart attack.

The face he pulled when I pulled him into the pool with me... Priceless.

How he insisted to kiss me under water. 

How I almost drowned because I wanted to get some air but didn't remember I was surrounded by water.

I try to get the wet clothes, sticking against my skin, off me. While humming a unknown song.

I'm still wondering what he had planned for this night though, even though it's been a perfect evening so far he still looked a little bit disappointment.

As soon as the water heated up, I step into the shower, letting the warm water fall down on my body. 

I shouldn't be worrying about those things, I'm making myself crazy.


"My eyes are blue but I'm seeing red

And I just can't shake you outta my head

I'm getting so hot that I'm getting cold

I'm all feverish and I'm about to blow

Maybe maybe maybe, maybe maybe maybe

Maybe maybe maybe

I'm a little bit love drunk" I sing, opening the shower curtain. Ready to wrap a towel around my body, but when my hand reaches out for it the only thing it touches is air.

You got the be kidding me!

Quickly I close the shower curtain again before screaming his name. "HARRY"

After a couple of seconds I hear the door open. "What's up babe" his voice echoes trough the room.

"I don't have a towel" I pout, even though I know he can't see me.

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