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8:26 AM

"She's fine." The voice I distinguished as Harry spoke. I became more coherent to what was going on but kept my eyes closed. The night's sleep was restless but I managed to stay asleep the entire course of the night.

I didn't want to wake up crying and screaming with Harry and I sharing a room. Even though it was out of my control, things like that only brought me embarrassment in Harry's eyes.

"Yes, sir. Yes, we are scheduled to leave in two hours." Harry responded every once in a while when he was given the opportunity. "We will be in touch."

Opening my eyes to see Harry bringing his phone down from his cheek I yawned and stretched out still in my clothes from yesterday. I batted my eyes to help adjust to the lighter setting in the room where the curtains were completely open.

"Who was that?" Most of the time when I talked to Harry it was more to ask questions. Harry and I never had a real conversation since most of the time I was left in the dark and wondering what was next for us.

"Clean yourself up, we need to head out, our flight leaves in  two hours." He moved his hand through his hair as if he again was already agitated with speaking to me.

"Where are we going?" I again lead with questions that I knew were pointless to ask since Harry most likely wasn't going to answer anyways.

"Less talking more doing!" He snapped at me while I pushed myself off the bed. Heading to the bathroom to shower quickly and brush through my hair, I got ready in record time. Only having time to brush and blow dry my hair with the limited supplies I had, Harry hurried me along. Shouting at me every few minutes that I needed to hurry my ass up even though I felt like I was racing against time to finish.

Pulling my hair into a high ponytail I flattened out my dress and slipped it over my head. Retying my shoes to better tighten them to my feet I came out to see Harry with folded arms. He acted as if it had taken me a century and a half to get ready when in reality it only took me 30 minutes.

"This isn't the Victoria's Secret fashion show," Harry commented like I knew he would when we walked out to the hallway.

"Yeah your right, this also isn't some James Bond movie either." I fired back quite pleased with myself referring to his black button up shirt and black jeans to match. I knew that this would come with retaliation, it was the price I paid for standing up for myself.

"You're right, I don't get paid nearly enough to put up with your ass." Harry shut me down causing me to shut my mouth. I had nothing to say to that and again he showed me that he was better than me. There was no winning with Harry because he was always better than you, always one step ahead of what you knew.


Crowds were abundant in the Paris airport. There had to be hundreds of people in lines for various reasons, some for food, some for airport needs; either way there were a ton of people.

After being patted down and checked roughly by a security guard I frowned at him. Not liking the way he was doing things all too roughly. I glanced over at Harry who was already sending the TSA deadly glares. Seeing Harry's intimidating expression and stolid stature, the man with the TSA uniform told me that I was fine to move on.

I walked closely behind Harry but was too afraid to grab his hand. I wanted to hold his hand for safety reasons but I could only find the bad in doing that. The crowds of people bunched together making it hard for me to keep track of the curly haired man that I was accompanied with. My breathing paced a little faster now with all these bodies brushing and pushing up against me, ultimately knocking me off course of where I needed to be.

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