Our little newcomer news

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Hey my name is Ava and I'm married to Dean Ambrose, the WWE superstar and 1/3 of the shield.

Today he was coming home after three months for a week then he would go back to traveling with the WWE but this time I was going with him and what he didn't know was, was that someone else would be joining us.

I heard the front door open then slam shut, then footsteps go upstairs while I stayed downstairs finishing up the romantic table and our Tea. It wasn't long after I put the Shepard's Pie down on the table that I felt arms go around me from behind causing me to smile. I turned around to see him do that sexy smile he does that turns me on, then he leans down to capture my lips in a rough, hungry kiss that I replied to just as eagerly. It felt so good to have our lips move in sync again and the feel of his body under my hands while his hands rest on my ass. Just as he was about to take my top off I pulled away breathless,

"Not yet baby... We need to eat tea and then I have something to tell you!" I smiled and then he sat down but not before pulling out my chair for me,

"Honey this looks yummy!" It made me smile as he dug into his food hungrily. God I missed him!

We laughed and joked throughout Tea until we had finished and it was time for me to tell him,

"Baby I have some news..." He came and knelt down in front of me while grabbing my hands softly,

"I'm pregnant Dean...!" He just knelt there looking at me,


"I'm three and a half months pregnant! I found out last week.... you are happy aren't you?" I started to panic until he kissed me and then my slight bulge of a stomach,

"I couldn't be happier baby girl, I'm ecstatic! I can't believe I'm going to be a daddy..." I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck,

"While you better believe it because he or she will be here in about five months!" He joined our mouths together in a frantic kiss that I happily replied to. He lifted me up so my legs wrapped around his waist while he nibbled on my neck causing me to moan,

"Why don't we go upstairs and celebrate by doing what we did to create our baby..." He laughed happily as he started to walk towards the stairs with me still wrapped around him,

"Let's go big boy!" I whispered into his ear and with that he speed walked the rest of the way, to where we would consummate our news of our little baby.

Our little newcomer!!

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