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((Donald's P.O.V))

I was walking through a swamp. Not just a swamp, a crusty ass swamp. Suddenly a big gust of wind blew by and my dusty toupee flew off.

"NOOOOOO." I yelled as I reached for it, only to find it was just out of my grasp. All of the sudden, a large green ogre hand grabbed it and placed it on my gross bald head.

"OH EM GEE WHO TF R U????" I said as I looked up at his beautiful green face.

"This is my swAmP" He said as he picked me up and threw me to Mexico. NOT THE MEXICANS!! I thought as I ran back to the edge of the swamp. 

"WAIT I LUV U <3" I screamed as i jumped on him and tackled his crusty ass. We fell in the mud and i admitted my undying love for him.

"Shrek is love, Shrek is life." I say as I suddenly know his name somehow..? whatEvEr yO.

He gave me a paper and said "Come back tomorrow yo" and i went home. 

I opened the paper and it said "JOHN CENA". no. brush. it literally takes to me. and then it went "DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO" and made weird airhorn noises. "Eh. ITs frOm mY trUe loVe" and i ate it.

I will see you tomorrow, Shrek...

This is OUR Swamp// Donald Trump x ShrekWhere stories live. Discover now