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calum's life had always been about baseball until bring your child to work day arrived and he was forced to go with his dad to his big law firm where he aimlessly wandered the halls and ended up in the office of the biggest litigator in the building

so i'm making a catt book bc they'd be super cute together??? (zalum for life tho aka check out intern's best friend (ew not malik and calum, never))

this will have smut even tho i hate writing smut nowadays (idk why but i do) but this must have smut because it's going to be hot ,, but don't expect it to be top notch smut — i'll do my best

watch me watch me watch me WHIP WATCH ME NAE NAE ok why is this on my phone still (why is it on there at all) lowkey dancing to it now

fckIN HELLO CAME ON ok concentrate

how can we not talk about family when family's all that we got IT'S BEEN A LONG DAY WITHOUT YOU MY FRIEND

so this will be baseball!calum and litigator!matt

idk what else to say so peace i suck at this stuff

i am not accepting translations for this book, so if you see any please send the link to me and report them

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