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alright not to much goingon here right now so have to write since i have "freetime" yay lol so here is the next chapter....



“oh my god I can’t believe that just happened man Bella you have tons of peeps after you and he was hot can you even believe that” Rose said and I laughed but  Alice looked a little bit shocked that we were still laughing about this. “Bella what about Edward” look in her eyes. “Alice you know you can look at other guys right” I told her looking down at all my stuff the Officer Cutie gave me one little paper folded into it with his number and first name. “Paul Lahote call me sometime  I heard you were coming into town would love to get to know you. Isabella

Oh my gosh that is so hot I can’t believe that I think I should just keep that to myself and folded it  up and looked over at the girls. I’ll have to talk to Rose about this later I know that she will have advice.



 next chapter is here its kind of a couple weeks ahead but youstill get the back story and more info into what our dear old Bella will be doing Jacob is finally in the story from her on out so i hope you love him in it........:) 


What do I do come on Bella think what have I just started seven months of being with someone who treats you so good that you wouldn’t be anything else but a princess, huh and now now there is a guy who is well cute and sweet as well that wants to get to know you for you and just be around you even if he can’t have anything more then your friendship.

Its been crazy couple of weeks since school started and I met Paul and he pulled us over still can’t get over that day the night was just as dramatic if I say so myself I had to deal with Alice and her wanting to pick my outfit which is fine but through it she was asking me if I really like “that cop”  and “that cop” this and if that meant that Edward and I wouldn’t be together………. Then the bonfire I mean really how much drama do I want this year.  Edward hate that I have guy friends and I hate that I can’t trust him I don’t know what to think about our little problem we are having.

Thinking back at the conversation makes me sick because I feel like crap I mean I love Edward and he is what I always wanted but then Paul has shone me so much more to things. HUH BELLA COME ON think girl I need to go run…clear my head..

I started down the road and put my ear phones in and push shuffle.

While I was running my mind kept going back to the bonfire.


“Bella come on tell me what has your mind all in a trance tonight its been crazy in the air since we got back from the mall” Rose asked me close to my ear so no one would hear us talking. “oh god Rose I don’t know my mind is just everywhere today I guess” I told her, I paused then looked down and put my hand in my pocket and gave it to Rose putting my pointing  finger up to my mouth to shush her.. she looked down and read it a smile came across her face and she looked up at me handing the paper back to me and zipping her mouth shut. I know then we wouldn’t talk about it then but we would soon.

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