Final Decision

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My story

Uknown P.O.V.

Just Looking at him made me gag. Who is he to do that. He doesn't know what he's doing but sooner or later he'll know. Just when he has something special I'll take it all away from him just like he took her. My mate.

I'll have my revenge soon. But now I'll focus on one thing. One thing he seems to have a soft spot for.

I'll like to have my revenge but I'll have fun with it for a while.

Ohhh...Alpha what have you gotten yourself into.


Scarlet's P.O.V.

I haven't been talking to anyone for days since What Alpha said. We were now at a pack meeting and throughout the speech his gaze would stay on me and only me. Considering the feelings I still have I ignored him. I haven't looked at him and would avoid him.

My heart felt shattered and heavy. Like a ton of Hippos were on my chest. Anytime I would breath it would hurt. It felt like a sharp pain jabbing straight through my chest.

I felt lonely and wanted a pair of strong arms around me. I knew what I damn well wanted but I guess we don't always get what we want. My feelings apparently didn't stop him though from sleeping with other girls. I guess I kinda saw that coming. You know having an ass for a mate.

Currently at the meeting The Alpha was giving orders, typical stuff.

But there was one sentence that caught my mind.

“You all have a new Luna." He said. Voice so sure of power. The crowd starting cheering and clapping. Until he silenced them. I wonder what he- What! I'm not a Luna nor will I ever be. My voice was caught in my throat. “She's sitting here now." People's gazes starting looking at knew another. I could feel the whole burning the Side of my head. I Couldn't breathe all I did was sit still. “Sca-"

Right then and there I shot right you from my seat and ran. I ran and I ran. Never looking back.

I shifted into my wolf and took a run.

‘He was going to introduce us you bimbo.'

‘OH yeah as what? His mate, his Sorry for An accuse for a Luna. Girl he practically cheated on. Slept with many girls even though he had a mate. huh what was he going to say. I'm his mate? Hell No. I'll move on and so will you. You hear me. He hurt us. He made you heart broken and you want him? that! What is wrong with you. I'll never love him. I'll never want him. FUCK him I don't want him. Final decision. '

‘But-. I'

‘No buts, No nothing, just us.'

‘No. I want my mate and i'll get him.' She said. so sure of herself I guess.

‘Over my dead Body.'

I pushed her out of my mind and continued to run. I ran until I got tired. We reached our spot, well more like a cave. I came here About a week ago. Before all this mess started. I decorated it though, like my own place. It's peaceful here like my own sanctuary.

The birds Chirping their beautiful songs, the sound of a small stream about a mile ahead, The movement of animals on the ground. The deep green scenery all around me. The warm air whooshing pass my fur. Many scents filled my snout. Such as wood and pine, a sweet scent of the leaves, and many others.

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