Chapter 1 - Blood-Bonded

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NOTE: This story is set several years after Seth and Adrienne resumed their throne in Ilyia and the Golden Dynasty began. But not all realms are at peace, especially Xathos-- the most problematic one of all. 

And this story is set on Xathos.


Castle Xanthe
City of Aphelion, Wolfen Territory
The Realm of Xathos

"Is this the right thing, mother?" Dimitrios Zanthe, newly appointed Alpha and King of Wolfe asked his mother. He noted her tear-stained face and the stilted way she walked. His father's death was fresh and his entire family still grieved. But grief was supposed to be set aside today for it was his wedding day.

Dimitrios snorted.

Today was a day of joy yet he found none. First, it was because of his father's recent death. He was killed by the Cerran. They were shadow-dwellers who were said to have come from the fiery pits of hell. They had leathery skins with wings double the length of their bodies. Their powers came from drinking the blood of others and being able to mimic their power for a while.

Cerran hunted his people and to gain unparalleled strength by drinking their blood while they hunted the Vampyr people to gain their speed.

"You are alpha now, Dimitri. Our people need this alliance," his mother replied.

Dimitrios fixed his cloak around his thin shoulders. He was still young. He hasn't even reached his immortality which his people attained at the height of their physical maturity. He was only a pup of fourteen years and now he was alpha because his father died. The weight of the responsibility weighed heavily on his shoulders.

He knew he had to be tough for there will be challenges thrown at him from left and right. There was political unrest within his people even before his father died. The death only heightened it and there will be wolves much stronger, larger and faster than him that would stake their claim on his father's throne.

He can't let that happen. He will lose the challenge and he will be killed because he wasn't immortal yet. Because of that, his mother arranged for him to be married to the Vampyr princess.

The Vampyr were creatures of the night who fed only from blood. They were vicious creatures who had the power to trace to any location they've been before. They were faster but they were inferior to the inherent strength of the Wolfen. They also had one main weakness: they burned in the sun.

The Vampyr race was attacked recently by the Cerran and they've lost their Queen. Like Dimitrios's people, their numbers declined after the Cerran snatched them to be slaves. The Cerran coveted their ability to trace. They wanted it so that the Cerran army could be easily traced to any place in the world.

Some of Dimitrios's wolves were also captured. The Cerran attacked the night after the full moon. This was when his people were at their weakest. The wolves were taken because the Cerran coveted their strength and used it to build their palaces, great walls and as soldiers for their army.

Dimitrios was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt his mother squeeze his shoulder. "I know this is a lot to ask, Dimitri. If you marry the princess, you'll be throwing away your chance to find your true mate..." Dimitrios's fists clenched at his side. "I will do this for our people, mother. I am King now and this is my first and greatest sacrifice."

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