Chapter 23- Pain

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Melody's POV

"Please smile, I'll give you my pancakes?" I hear Tyler offering Tyson. Its lunch now and I have avoided Tyson at all costs. He tried talking to me in maths but I pretended not to hear him.

"I'm not hungry." he mumbles putting his face in his hands. I look over at their table and Tyler glances at me, giving me a small smile.

Jackson walks into the cafeteria, still turning heads and getting swoons from girls. He sits down at the table, "Why so glum chum?" he asks.

Tyson looks up at Jackson with no emotion and pulls a car key out of his pocket, "You won." he states, dropping the key on the metal table in front of Jackson.

Tyson gets up and walks out the cafeteria looking like someone died. My heart starts to ache. I want to follow him, I don't want him looking so sad.

Why do I feel bad? I shouldn't feel bad.

I take in a deep breath and stand up, "I'm going to the bathroom." I tell Jess, she nods. I need to wash my face, I think I feel sick.


Tyson's POV

I lean my forehead against my locker with my hands on either side of my head. A wave of emotions take over, sadness, confusion, hurt. I clench my jaw and shut my eyes tightly. What have I done? I lost Melody.

I move back and slam my fist forcefully into the locker, making a dent. It feels weird having her upset with me. She wasn't even mine and somehow I ended up loosing her. I shake my hand to get rid of the pain.

I had to phone my foster parents yesterday to tell them Melody won't be coming and that we were over. It was harder telling them that than I thought it would be, maybe I don't want it to be over...

I feel so stupid. Why the hell did I tell her that she meant nothing to me? I'm such an idiot.

I don't blame Melody for being mad at me, I would be mad too. But I guess its not as bad since she doesn't like me. I wish she liked me. I push my body back against the lockers and slide down to the floor.

I wasn't thinking straight yesterday and it fucked everything up. I lost Melody and she is one of the only people I really care about other than my foster parents.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my real parents death. I just wanted to get drunk and forget them but then Melody walked in and I just took out my pain and anger and all my horrible feeling on her.

I said I love her. I didn't get any sleep last night. I just kept thinking about her and the way she tastes like sugar and the way she wore my cloths and fell asleep on me. I couldn't get her out of my mind no matter how hard I tried.

That's when I realized I love her. I know I am a player but when I was younger I had a crush on Melody. She was the only girl I ever had a crush on, we were in year seven and I got put with her for a biology project and she was so stubborn but for some reason I felt attracted in a way and I had a crush on her for two years but she never talked to me so I never talked to her and I guess the crush faded.

But it was still there the whole time, hiding. When I kissed her in the hallway it suddenly all came back and I knew that I liked her but for the sake of the bet I knew I couldn't love her. But I do, I love Melody.

I know I told her that she means nothing to me but it was a lie. She has meant something to me since the day I set poisonous frogs loose in the biology lab.

I have to stay away from her now. I'm not good for her, she deserves so much more than me.

I hear someone clear their throat and I left my head to see Brittany standing and smiling at me.

She sticks her hand out to help me up and I take it. "You don't look too happy. I can change that for you." she whispers and slides her hand down my chest.

Well, it would definitely be a good distraction... Its not like anyone else would know...

Without getting an answer from me, she leans forward and kisses me. I kiss her back but there's no emotions. It feels cold and wrong, definitely not how a kiss should feel. Not how it feels with Melody.

She pulls away from me with a grin and then I look around the hall to make sure nobody saw me but the last person I wanted to see that was standing there, staring at me with hurt showing clearly in her eyes.



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