Slay Thy Demons - 6 | iii

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Shea held her side as her wound healed. She stood between her past and her present confused about how it could be possible. Barabbas was supposed to be dead. She had watched him die. His life had drained from his eyes leaving them lifeless glass windows to a vacant soul. She knew it was him by scent though she smelt death clinging to him. Though he fought the others, his primary focus was on her and Ichiro. Shea bit back a sound of distress. The foolish man had come to her aid, and now he was wounded. Zigor was with Ichiro trying to stop the bleeding, but Shea could smell the blood. There was so much blood.

Barabbas was proving to be too much for the inexperienced members of her pack and the natives that came to join them. She threw her head back howling, calling for Daniel and Helick. Bryan came running in with Yuri.

"Get them to safety," she told them referring to Zigor and Ichiro. They nodded, going off to assist the human members of their pack.

Soon it was down to Barabbas and Shea. Undone in the sewer by her conflicted emotions she had reverted to the past. She had a habit of doing that with Barabbas. In the back of her mind, she kept searching for fragments of him. She hated that she did that. When she was away from him, she hated him. Once he was around, she forgot that she should.

Helick came to stand to her left while Daniel came to stand to her right. It would be so easy to leave Barabbas to the both of them. Years of experience and combat had taught them how to fight. They were his match. With the thought uppermost in her mind, she took a step back. Helick and Daniel moved up to put their bodies between hers and Barabbas. By the order of the two men she called family, no one else came forward for the fight. This clash was one to the death.

Ichiro's voice had her stopping her retreat. "You keep remembering him as he was and not as he is."

She had to separate the two—Nikael and Barabbas were not the same. Nikael died the day Sven changed him, and that was a long time ago. This man—Barabbas—was a killer. Her love was not for the man they faced now; it was for the man who this monster replaced.

"Barabbas," she called out.

She walked forward in human form, the only way she could speak for him to hear. She moved between Daniel and Helick to face the monster of her nightmare by herself. If there were to be a fight to the death, she would be the one to end it.

"You have taken enough."

Shea changed seeing Barabbas for what he was—the enemy. She didn't hold back as she fought to draw blood. Soon his demeanor changed as it became evident she was going for the kill. It was a long and bloody fight with Shea refusing help from Daniel and Helick. Barabbas was her demon to slay. And slay him she did.

She bled more than she healed, exhausted from the fight. She swayed dropping to her knees beside Barabbas' body. Daniel walked over to her squeezing her shoulder. As he helped her to her feet, Ava appeared dropping down in the middle of them.

"I thought you already killed him," she looked down at the body then up at Shea.

Shea noted the slight note of amusement in Ava's voice, but she was not offended. "The past is hard to kill."

On the ground, Barabbas's body took its human form in death. Branded into his chest were two runes.

Shea saw the troubled look on Ava's face before she said, "In this case, the past was sent back to haunt you," When the other woman waved her hand, the runes vanished. "Now he'll stay dead." Another wave of her hand and the body disintegrated to ash.

"How was he not dead before?" Helick asked.

"Darker magic than even I have the power to cast," Ava did not sound pleased about that.

"Sven is back isn't he," it was more a statement than a question from Daniel.

Ava nodded. "Not at full power yet but he will be in a few days."

Shea stepped away from the pile of ashes. "Ichiro. I need to find him."

She found him in what looked to be an infirmary. Martha was there with him along with Yuri, Bryan, and Zigor. None of their faces screamed good news. Laying on the bed Ichiro looked pale. Martha was frantically crushing herbs together and applying it to the nasty gash across his stomach. Shea fell to her knees beside the bed holding on to his hand.

"He's not a werewolf," Martha started to ramble. "I know how to heal werewolves. The poison—I have the cure for us but not for him."

"What are you saying?" Shea asked, refusing to hear it.

"I don't know what do for him," Martha's voice hitched as she held back tears. "Nothing I've tried has worked."

Shea stood biting into her wrist. She placed it to Ichiro's mouth trying to get as much of her blood in him as possible.

"That won't work."

She ignored Martha's conclusion as she opened her healed wrist again. This time, she squeezed her blood over his wounds.


"It will work," Shea shouted at Martha.

Martha grabbed her wrist. "The werewolf blood will not cure him of the poison it will only make his body react to it more. The poison was made to attack the cells in our blood."

It took Shea's voice time to come out. "S-s-so what are you saying?"

"Introducing werewolf blood to his system will only cause the effect to escalate...not cure him."

If it weren't for Helick, Shea would have been on the floor. It was a blow. In her effort to save Ichiro, she may have made matters worse.

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Author's Note:

Whelp, that doesn't look good. Will they find a way to save Ichiro in time? 

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