Chapter 4

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I couldn't tell what I felt like. Bubbles of happiness inside of me were floating around uncontrollably.

Yes, we killed something, and yes that's a bad thing to do. But it was a REAL vampire. A vampire that was going to kill us, it was self defense.

"Hey guys, you know what this means?" Alessandra questioned with a smile in the words she spoke.

"What?" Tehya said.

"We're hunters!"

We all began cheering once again huddling in a circle and jumping up and around.

"Dude's, lets go and make weapons!" Hayley stopped and shared to us all. We all agreed and began to break off all the wooden legs from chairs and sharpen them into stakes. I didn't care about ruining my furniture because I knew that from this day on, we will all be hunting and not need to come back here.


It had been over 4 hours, and we were all still sharpening our stakes.

I had sharpened three wooden chair legs into perfect stakes and was about to begin on my fourth one.

The sun was setting quickly and we knew that we might have a lot more vampires come in. We all were really excited for that.

"Hey guys, you know I just realized?" Joyce lifted her head up.

"That you've just realized something?" I said.

"Yes, I have."

"Well?" Tehya asked.

"If there was a vampire, then wouldn't there be werewolves?"

At that moment we all stopped to think, but all of a sudden there was a loud smash coming from inside one of the spare bedrooms down the hallway.

We all gasped.

The sun had already set and we knew that tonight was going to be wild.

We all went to hide behind the kitchen bench, so we could attack whatever was coming in our way together.

"Okay guys, remember, we're all in this together." The high school musical song gave me inspiration.

We heard grunts and heavy footsteps coming in the living room, and we knew that it was close by.

I was truly wondering if it could be a werewolf after hearing the loud sniffing and heavy footsteps. But I know that I was going to find out extremely soon.

The sniffing stopped and it went silent. The only thing I could hear was the sound of my heart beat pumping out of my chest. I was nervous if things might go bad.

All of a sudden a loud fart emerged out of no where and the beast roared.

What is it with my birthday and everyone farting?

It jumped on top of the kitchen bench and looked down at us. We all screamed and ran out from the kitchen to the space in front of the couches.

A hairy werewolf was crouching on top of the bench looking at us with its brown eyes. It had short, hind legs with muscular arms that were long. The ears were big and pointy, and the canine teeth were large hanging out of its mouth.

The eyes. It reminded me of someone. No, it is someone. Who I know. It's my workmate, Ronan. I wonder if he realizes who I am.

"Ronan?" I said.

He tilted his head.

I awaited for a response when all of a sudden he ferociously roared and jumped off trying to slice me with his long and pointy claws. I jumped back missing his swipes every time.

He was about to run up to me but stepped on a handball that was left on the ground, and fell to the floor.

"Lets bash it!" Tehya blurted out as she kicked it.

Tehya started bashing the werewolf, and as usual we all joined in and began bashing.

The punching and kicking made the werewolf whimper but we didn't care as we were having too much fun.

"You know guys, this might just be the best birthday ever!" I said, and as soon as that happened we heard a howl of a wolf.

"Oh yeahhh mate." Alessandra said like an Aussie Bogan. "There are more coming."

We looked out the window and saw a full moon with red around the outside of it- it was the night of a blood moon.

We heard more werewolf howls coming from every direction, and we could see some of them running around on all four legs, chasing and eating people.

The shrill cries of innocent lives making us become more concentrated on what we needed to do- become the best kick-ass hunters yet. Hell yeah.

I saw Hayley turn her head to look back at the werewolf.

"Ahh guys, where's the werewolf gone?" She said with concern.

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