Chapter 51

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My eyes widen joyfully as his words. Even if the aspect of marriage is far away, it's amazing to know that he wants it as much as I do. I pull back, knees weak and smile.

"How did you know I was coming?"

"I didn't. My driver texted me in my meeting to tell me you were standing outside so I sent Adam down to get you while I ended it."

Ended it? What? "You didn't have to do that!"

"I've been fucked since this morning. I think fighting with you is probably the worst way to start a day."

I clutch his hand, nodding. "I know... Let's never leave things unresolved like that again. Obviously, we don't work well pissed at each other."

"I just didn't like hearing that you were doubting... I don't know- I know we're moving fast. I know that. I've just never been- more certain about anything before."

"Certain about me moving in?"

He stares at me for a moment. "Certain about who I'm going to spend my life with."

I smile wide, biting my lip. "Your whole life? That's quite a long time... Are you sure it's me?"

"So sure that I'm desperate to make you mine."

"... I'm already yours, Tristan."

He exhales as I straighten, leaning into his body. My cheek against the cloth of his thousand-dollar suit is familiar and comforting... A place I always yearn to be.


Hand in hand, he shuts the conference room door, leading me down the hallway. Everyone we pass smiles wide, regarding both of us with warmness, quietly murmuring 'hellos' and 'sir' in greeting to the man beside me.

We approach an office and he opens one of the oak doors, holding it for me. I step in, eyes unbelieving as I take in the space.

"Holy shit, this is the size of my apartment," I joke, shaking my head in disbelief. I glance around, awed by the amount of space he has in just the seating area in the corner alone. His desk is also oak, gleaming and neat, ridiculously neat. It's huge, complete with three Mac screens on it. He must have thought my office was a mess when he saw it.

I turn to him, shrugging amusedly. "Now I can imagine you at work."

"All the time," he answers, walking to the kitchen area. I double take as I see an entry way to a bathroom next to the TV screen that manages to take up half the wall. Holy shit!

"You have a bathroom in here too?"

"Yes. Coffee or tea?"

"Uh, tea, please."

I take a hesitant seat in the loveseat facing his desk. "Wow."

"Wow, what?"

"I'm just taking in the fact that this is all yours. It's amazing."

He hands me my tea and I smile, looking up at him puzzled. "How do you know I like milk in my tea?"

"When we were at your brothers, you put two spoonful's of honey and milk."

I'm honestly glowing. "I'm impressed."

He leans in, pressing his lips to mine chastely. "You want to know something else?"


He points to a door on the right corner of the room. "That leads to a private gym."

"No way."

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