Austin mahone fan fiction

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Hi my name is Destiny Duarte i'm 15 years old.My parents are Anita and Joel and I have 2 brothers Joey which is 13 years old and envy which is 12 years old. So I went to school in fresno California and I came home and my parents were waiting for us which was wired cause my parents usually work at 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm. So I said,"hey mom and dad and they said how was school and I said it was ok. When my brothers came from school my dad said he needed to talk to us and we sat on the couch and he said that he was joining the military. He also said that one of us had to move to Texas with are mom and both my brothers said no before I could. So I had no choice to move to Texas. So the next day I went to school I returned my books and told all my friends that I had to move to Texas. Then school was over and I went straight home and packed all my things and my brothers are living with my aunt and uncle and my dad leaves tomorrow at 2:00 pm so my mom rented a moving truck and we put all are things in there. But mom said pack a suitcase just in case are stuff not there on time so I had a suitcase pack. So the next morning I woke up on the floor since are stuff was heading to Texas my brothers already moved in with my aunt and uncle lucky for them they didn't have to move to Texas so I went to the restroom took a shower,brush my hair and teeth. Then I went downstairs and forgot we didn't have food so I was starving. Then my mom came in and said to get my things cause we were leaving . When we were there I said bye to my dad and cried a little and then we had to go to my flight. I told my mom to wake me up when we get there she said ok . 2hours later I woke up with a tap on my shoulder and it was my mom telling me we have to get off so I got my things and got off then we looked for a cab then my mom gave are address to the driver. When we were getting there I saw 4 boys playing basketball . When my mom and I got off they were all looking at us but I didn't really Care and when I saw the house it was huge so my mom went inside and I did to and it was huge so I told my mom I was going to pick a room and she said ok. AUSTIN'S POV. So the crew came over and we played the Xbox then we got bored so we played basketball Alex and Robert were on my team and Zach and Tyler were together so we played are game. Of course we were winning by 54-12 I made the last shot then we heard a car drove up then I saw a women come out of the taxi then a girl around my age she had basketball shorts with a t shirt that said "ARE YOU MAD BRO" with Jordans it looked like she like basketball she had curves dark brown medium length hair with dark brown eyes. She had her red beats on and her backpack. But she looked beautiful then i looked at the crew and I was guessing they were looking at her to Robert and Zach said,"she's fine" Alex and Tyler were taken so they said,"she's pretty. But when Robert and Zach said that I got mad to be honest so I told them,"Do you guys want to meet her?" They all said yes so we went to the door and knocked then a women came and she said,"can I help you boys"I said"my name is austin and I live next door and this Alex,Robert,Zach,and Tyler and she said "nice to meet you boys then she said a name "Destiny come down stairs and meet these boys" then I heard a girls voice said"ok ". Destiny's POV. So I was unpacking my stuff until I heard my mom call me to meet some boys so I yelled back,"ok". So I went downstairs to see 5 boys and one of them caught my eye then I said,"hi" then they said hi and they introduced themselves and the one that caught my eye was name austin mahone.

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