Naughty Cravings

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Violet at the age of 25 was still in the dating world. All her life she has been taught to take care of herself so depending on someone else was never an option.
Looking to find her self in this world already was enough. Coming of age was a chapter Violet was about to began to experience...

Violet P.O.V

Walking to work everyday was not my cup of tea. The motion of my thick thighs clashing together was beginning to create a thigh burn. The sun was sure out today as I saw my shadow reflect on to the pavement which displayed my full figure that I visualized to be a hourglass but more with a round stomach. I didn't have the best shape but I sure did love what I had.

Everyday walking to work I would pay attention to my environment taking in the scenery around me. Embracing nature with great reality playing in the scene.

As I walked into work I saw the same beautiful chocolate man enjoying his mocha extra expresso shot cappuccino. Sitting by the window as usual before heading off to his job.

 Sitting by the window as usual before heading off to his job

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As the door bell rang above the door as I entered. I was then caught by his eye.

His eyes then began to watch my every move like any other morning. In which I would say is why I love to work morning shift on the weekends 😉.

His mouth began to smirk my way as I was heading towards the back to began my day of work. 

(This is just a SNEAK PEEK)

I'm back to finish the rest of my books and start new ones so be out on updates !!

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