14. The Dawn....

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A Few Months Later.....

Hussain's POV

"Are you really that cold hearted or trying to show Hussain bhai?"

"She is not happy with the marriage. Kareem Sir is forcing her into this. How can you stand here all silent after knowing that somehow you are the reason behind all this"

"Am talking to you Bhai!" She grabbed my elbow and almost jerked me around, making me face her. I looked up at her face reluctantly, her eyes boring into mine asking so many questions and I had no answer to any of them.

"Hussain bhai! Do you really hate her that much?" she asked in disbelief and I helplessly shook my head.

"Its not about me hating her or she liking me Maha! its about right and wrong and...

"To hell with your right and wrong!" cutting me through, she literally cried at my face, in anger and frustration I stared her face but the next moment regret and shame spread across hers as she lowered her gaze.

"Am sorry" she apologized, lowly and I heaved up a sigh. "am just...

"Maha! look at me" I held her hand as she kept on looking down, refusing to look up at me. "Dekho to meri taraf yar!" I insisted, and she looked up hesitantly.

"Am sorry Bhai! I didn't mean to yell at you" she pouted, her eyes were moist and I pressed a smile shaking my head slowly as I caressed her face.

"He is her father Maha! wo baap hen Fariya k un se ziada us k liye koi or behter nai soch sakta. Mein kis haq se ja ker khara ho jaoon baap or beti k beech? am nobody Maha!" I tried to explain, she kept on looking into my eyes.

"but she loves you Bhai! She can never stay happy with anyone else"

"How can you say this? Maybe her husband is a far better human being than me, and he will love and respect her making her forget her childish crush"

"Childish crush?" Maha repeated my word lowly. "I used to take her craziness as childish and immature Bhai! But there is something in her craziness which made me change my mind. Unfortunately It couldn't change yours" she looked at my face as if was searching something and I rolled my eyes.

Ya Allah! Ye lerki sach mein samajhti hea mein pasand kerta hoon Fariya ko????

"Acha chalo don't worry and pray that she will live a happy life with her husband, Inn shaa Allah" I patted her cheek and turned back to my table, internally sighing in relief as I looked away from those questioning, complaining eyes of my sister.

"By the way when is the wedding? You must be going. Right?" I asked looking down at the file I picked up aimlessly from the table.

Few silent moments and then I felt footsteps fading at my back. I turned around finding Maha walking towards the door and I exhaled helplessly.

But then she stopped in the door frame, turned, and looked at me. "ap buhat derty hen na Allah ki narazgi se Bhai! Phir dua kijiye k Fariya khush rahe us shaks k sath, werna us k dil ki her aah or us ki aankh ka her aansoo k liye jawabdeh ap hon ge"

And with that, she left me standing there holding the file aimlessly in my hand, my mind racing up and heart silent inside my chest.

Ibraheem's POV

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