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Name: Sakura Haruno

Birthdate: March 28

Age: 16

Nature Type: Earth, Water, yin, and yang release

Special: Strength of a hundred seal

Hi my name is Sakura haruno. I'm a member of Team 7. Ever since Sasuke's team Taka came to the village, everyone and I mean everyone has started ignoring me. Sasuke has all the attention on him and girls all over him which I don't care. They even celebrated his return. I was at the celebration as well but in the end I was left alone while everyone else were enjoying the celebration of Sasuke's return to the village. I just find it extremly weird that he decided to comeback to the village without an apology, especially when he tried to killed me twice but I guess everyone was just overwelmed with his in coming that they forgot about all the sins ge has committed. 

The next couple of weeks have been the same, and the worst part is I have made a new enemy named Karin. She must have heard about me being Sasuke's Fangirl back then so she holds it against me by threatening me to stay away from "Her" sasuke like she owns him. I didn't really pay much attention to her what so ever, she doesn't scare me. I dont even want to be in the same room as him so that was a irrevalent.

Ino my bestfriend who hasn't been doing her job as one has pushed me aside and replaxed me for karin. I guess they had much more in common or it could just be one of karins plans to make me feel lonely and betrayed. Karin is sure as hell doing a great job there making me feel less then what I already am. All that I have by my side is Hinata who has such a kind soul and Im so thankful to her.

Eventually as the days pass by I became invisible to everyone like some dead person who became a ghost. Karin doesn't fail to make me feel like shit by possibly insulting me by what i have always hated myself to be. Being Useless, weak, and a waste of space are just the words I eanted to here am I right. That was sarcasm by the way. My friendship with Naruto has terminated. We just grew apart and I blame it all on sasuke.  Before he was even here naruto and I were doing just fine. He was my bestfreind, my brother, and a family to me and it hurt to see that all end. It was all because of sasuke and his stupid uglt face. I hate him with my all my heart!!

I have become close to giving up hope with everyone that I once called family. I just want to know why me? Why am i the one who has to go through all this bullshit losing everyone and everything?
What could I possibly done wrong?
Is this revenge for not dying from the 2 times sasuke has tried to kill me?
Was it my fault that sasuke left?
Maybe Naruto is right. It's all my fault he left. He doednt need to tell me that now, he made it clear to everyone in the hokage tower when the rest of konoha 11 were in Tsunade's office. I guess it was his true feelings and I dont blmae him. I pinned all the burden on him as he promised to bring sasuke back and it's all my fault. He didnt have to say that though. It made me feel worse as a ninja letting down all the people around me.

From then I started to isolate myself as much as I can from them from them but karin just doesnt let that happen. Citizens in the village have ignored me which led me to be dumdfounded. I dont know how it all got bad. I was treated differently, and villagers give me dirty looks by keeping their dietance. It hurt to be the onky one who is being pointed fingers at and kept out of everything.
Is this How Naruto felt?
Rejected, Isolated, Unloved and hated.
Maybe this is revenge. Maybe I do deserve it. I dont know what to beileve anymore. My confidence is a no-go.

I have had enough of the changes made in this village. It makes me feel unwanted in here especially with all the treatment I've been receiving. Now I know that I have to be the better person. I don't want to be some ignorant jackass  by letting people get on my nerves to the point where I lose my cool and even myself. I'll show no mercy to those who cross my path and hope that they will acknowledge me as who I have become. Just as people say looking into the crows eyes is karma but when they look at me all they see is some useless girl but we'll see about that. Maybe I'll be that crow and have people see me differently.
Karma will arise with those who oppose me.



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