Chapter 10

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Hi guys sorrrry it took so long to finally update this. I've been really busy & i had a hard time with this chapter because I wasnt sure where I wanted it to go. 

its not my favorite chapter, but i hope you like it :) 


**Adrian’s POV**

“Adrian relax!” Chase said as I paced back and forth in the living room.

“I can’t Chase! Did you see this?” I yelled with panic as I held the newspaper article up to his face. 

“I did, but we don’t even know what it means…” he said.

“It means that someone’s trying to ruin my life…and digging up my past.” I said as I looked down at the paper in my hands, trying to ignore the guilty feeling consuming me as I read each word. Each word that killed me to look at…

Bringing up memories that I thought would stay buried forever…but I was wrong.

‘Beacon Grove California serial arsonist…’ I read.

“Listen just breathe okay?” he said but it was impossible.

Everything fell apart when I opened my locker this morning and the article flew out into my hands. It was like it totally broke me as I read each word. Then when Kylie came up behind me I totally lost it…I didn’t even realize what I was doing…

“Michaels on his way home, we’ll handle this…there’s no way this person can be targeting you. There was a lot more people involved in those fires Adrian…” He said but I just shook my head knowing that I was to blame.

“Victor sent you and 3 other men on a wild goose chase setting fires for revenge…its not your fault.” He said but I just looked up at him puzzled.

“How did you know it was for revenge?” I asked. Since I was around 16 at the time Victor just made me do things, never told me what they were for or why…

“Victor had me find all the targets, told me a lot of people in that town deserved to die…for stealing from him, even though it didn’t make sense I didn’t question it…I couldn’t.”

“Adrian plus you and I both know that there were a lot more to it, not just in that city…he sent men all over.” He said and I nodded.

“I’m scared for Kylie…” I said as I sat down.

“Don’t…I promise you she’ll be okay, I’ll make sure of that.” He said and I nodded.

I knew my brother thought that this wasn’t supposed to be personal, like it was blackmail or something. But I couldn’t help but think that this person was out to ruin me…to hurt me. It didn’t make sense for this anonymous person to stalk me for so long if he was trying to get something for himself…

But again I wasn’t afraid for myself…I was worried about Kylie.

“Where are you going?” Chase asked as I grabbed my jacket.

“I got to talk to Kevin…” I said.

“Adrian he’s on vacation in the Bahamas, he’ll be back Monday…” he said as I let out a deep breath.

“I just need to go and get away for a while I’ll be back tonight…” I said before I shut the door.

My nerves were getting to me, and I just needed some time….


**Kylies POV**

As I walked around serving people my thoughts kept going back to Adrian, and how weird he acted earlier. After this morning he left school without telling me or anyone else.

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