Chapter 1

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*Hope Pov*

What happens when you've given up. See no reason to live anymore.When you've been treated like trash. When you've been beaten,bruised,scared for life. Trying to scream but no sound comes out. Been on my death bed way to many times just wishing it would all end. It's been in-bedded into my mind that I deserved it. I was the one who killed my parents. That day was all my fault. It will haunt my dreams forever. I was the who one deserved  to die that day. Maybe then just maybe everything would be alright.

I shot up from the bed sweat making it's way down my face. I had the dream again I had almost every night. The day my parent's died. The day I lost my brother. The day I was made the pack slave. Even though I was only 6 I worked. I didn't start getting beaten until I turned 14 and shifted. A rare age for she-wolves to shift. They had all forgotten I had Beta blood in me. Yet again Beta's usually shift at 15 while Alpha's at 13 but, it doesn't matter.I had almost forgot it was my birthday before my brother busted threw the door. "Your so lucky mutt" he hissed at me "You get a day without beatings but, tomorrow be prepared for a bad one" He said while smirking He then left right away. I then got up and took a shower then put on my leggings old vans and a white sweater before leaving straight away to school so, I could get out of the house. I had made it to school with 10 minutes to spare so I took my time to sit and read before it was 5 minutes before class. I closed my book and got up and walked to my locker. As I was getting my stuff a sweet smell went threw the air. It was vanilla and fresh rain just falling. My wolf started to stir and I panicked. I knew what it was about. My mate. As I closed my locker I was pushed up against it. I opened my eyes to find mossy green ones staring into mine. "Why did I have to get a mate like you" He hissed. The alpha was my mate. "Your just a weak slave and a murder" he hissed before dropping me and walking away. He didn't reject me he was probably wanting to do it infront of the whole pack. I'll just do it for him I thought to my self. "I HOPE REIN SISTER OF BETA JUSTIN REIN REJECT YOU ALPHA JACKSON SMITH AS MY MATE" I screamed making everyone look a me with wide eyes. He slowly turned around with a heart broken expression but, I didn't care. "AND I HOPE REIN BREAK ALL TIES FROM THE BLOOD MOON PACK" I screamed before turning around and running out of the school. I ran put of the school to the pack house and up to my room. I quickly gathered everything before writing a quick note. 

Hey Justin, 

I'm sorry for taking mom and dad away from you. I would do anything to switch places with them. I know you hate me and honestly I hate you. Hope you have a nice life. 

Love your sister, Hope

Dear Mate. 

I hate you. Goodbye 

Sincerely, Hope 

I then took off and shifted running threw the forest hoping to find a better life. I weaved threw out the tree's trying to spread my sent before heading off again. Hoping that they'll never find me. 

*Jacksons Pov*

I stood in shock of what just came out of my pretty little mate's mouth. She just rejected me. Rejected me. My wolf was a whimpering mess. I was snapped out of my thoughts when she yelled something again. "AND I HOPE REIN BREAK ALL TIES FROM THE BLOOD MOON PACK" She yelled. I let out a whimper as she turned around and ran away. I watched as she got further. My wolf was yelling at me to move but I couldn't. Then he broke free and went running after her. I linked her brother telling him his sister broke ties from the pack. I was joined later with my running by her brother that soon pushed past me. We ran into the pack house and up all the stairs to the attic of the room she had. Everything was messed up and taken. Her scent was still fresh. I scanned over the room the room until my eyes landed on a note. It was addressed to me and Justin. "Here read it to me" I said not wanting to read it.. He read it out loud and my heart ached more. She hated me. My own mate rejected and said she hated me. How was I ever going to make this up or even bring her back. I called a pack meeting and was now waiting for everyone. "Okay everyone our Luna has ran away" I spoke. Everyone gasped. "Your Luna is Hope Rein and I want search parties trying to find her" I said. People started volunteering straight. "Okay now this is settled lets go find our Luna" I said making everyone cheer. I'm coming for you Hope.


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