You Can Learn A Lot Of Things From The Flowers

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"Fire. Breathing. Dragon? How the fuck am I supposed to fight a fire breathing dragon?" Niall was shouting now.

"With a sword and armor of course. How else?" Ches yawned, swishing his tail around.

"Because the answer was so obvious." Niall said rolling his eyes in Ches' direction. "How am I supposed to fight and win against a fire breathing dragon? I haven't fought anyone ever. Well, there was the once some kid tried to take my burger, but that hardly counts as a fight."

"You're going to train of course." Hatter said rubbing Niall's back. "We wouldn't send you in to fight a dragon if we knew you'd die."

"Why do I have to fight the stupid dragon?" Niall whined.

"The dragon guards the Blood Queen's heart." Absolem said. "Defeating Cuddles is essential to Wonderland's freedom from the Blood Queen."

" I can't be serious fighting something named Cuddles." Niall mumbled. Ches laughed.

"She'll be serious about fighting you." Ches smiled, and Niall decided to stop looking over at him because Ches was creepy.

"She? Cuddles is a girl dragon?" Niall was gobsmacked. He was supposed to kill girl dragon. How is this his life?

"Just don't think to hard about it. If you want to get home, then you have to." Hatter said. "Do you have a special someone back home that you really want to get back to?" Hatter smiled and rubbed Niall's shoulder.

Niall automatically thought about Louis. "Yeah, I guess I could say that I do."

Hatter smiled brightly. "Good. We'll get you home, Niall. I promise."

Ches rolled his eyes. "I hope you like flowers."

"Flowers?" Niall repeated. "Flowers are nice."

Ches scoffed and chuckled lightly. "Wait until you meet them."

- Time Skip -

"Where are we headed again?" Niall asked for the fourth time.

"The Glass Castle." Hatter replied.

"Who wants a castle made of glass?"

"It's not actually glass. It's a pure white castle, but we understand that in your world there is a fast food franchise called White Castle. The White Queen didn't want to be associated with those little burgers." Ches said with the roll of his eyes and the flick of his tail.

Niall was about to ask another question but he tripped and fell.

"What the hell?"

"Guess it's time you met the flowers. Don't upset them." Hatter said kneeling next to Niall and helping him up.

"Upset them? You don't want me to upset them? One of them just tripped me." Niall was about to start yelling.

"It was the tiger lily." A light and airy voice said from what seemed to be nowhere.

Niall looked around and saw a group of tiger lillies.

"What are you staring at?" One of them said huffing. "I was only having a bit of fun."

The flowers talk.

"The flowers talk." Niall said hoping he was on some drug.

"Yes. Now keep moving." Hatter said pulling him along.

"Wait, don't you want to hear a song?"

"Or give us compliments?" 

"Or apologize fro trampling through our home?"

The voices of the flowers were starting to melt together and Niall was getting annoyed.

"SHUT UP! No, I don't want to hear your stupid song. Why would I compliment something so damned annoying? AND ONE OF YOU TRIPPED ME." Niall turned and shouted at them.

"Damn it. And we were so close." Ches said smirking. Niall looked over at him as Ches started to fade away.

"Run." Hatter said. He grabbed Niall's hand and pulled him. "RUN!"

Niall started running and almost every step he took he almost fell over.

The flowers were trying to trip him and entangle him in their roots. Niall felt his lungs burning as he jumped over root after root. Finally when he reached the clearing with Hatter he gulped down air and plopped down in the grass.

"You couldn't have...just told them...they were pretty?" Hatter smiled trying to get his own breath back.

"No, because he's stupid." Ches said resting in a tree nearby.

"Fuck off Ches." Niall said after he took another deep breath.

"Hey. At least we're almost to the Glass Castle." Hatter smiled again and walked over to help Niall up.



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