Cute Text Messages

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I get it now...



His name in your phone: Skaterboy💏

Your name in his phone: Beautiful🌸💕


Mikey: do you know what I love?

You: pizza?

Mikey: Yes, but no. Guess again

You: Video games?

Again, yes, but no



Being a ninja?

You! I love you, silly.

Aw Mikey!❤

I would give up all of that for you.

I love you too


His name in your phone: Puck Head😘

Your name in his phone: Cheerleader💞😙


Casey: What's up, love?

You: What did you do now, Jones?

Casey: I can't text my girlfriend now?

You: The last time you called me love you were up to something

Maybe I am...


Don't worry I just wanted to tell you to dress nice and I'm picking you up in an hour


A special date. I'll be over soon😘

So far the results for the vacation scenarios are:

Leo(6 votes), Raph(4), and Donnie(4): Hawaii

Mikey(9) and Casey(3): Disneyland

It's not too late to vote so comment where you want each of them to go and I'll tally everything up and let you guys know.

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