Chapter 50

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"Knock, knock," I murmur, opening Jessica's office door. Upon seeing me, she smiles, removing her glasses.

"Why hello, back so soon?"

"Yes, I was so anxious to get back."

"I'm glad. The department is lacking without your guidance." My offset mood perks up a little hearing that. I watch as she reaches into her drawer beneath her desk, removing a contract... A rather large and intimidating one.

"Well, here it is. I know it's a lot but with the renewal and change of salary- you understand."

I reach for it. "Of course." As she grabs a pen, I gape slightly. "Actually, would it be okay if I looked over this? I just want to really look into everything."

She nods, setting down the ballpoint pen. "Of course... I can't have you start without it being signed though."

Knowing this contract is rather too large to just sign away my name, I nod reluctantly. "I understand."

"Alright, well, don't take too long. We've got the Art in the Park gala coming up. Jack and Collin have already found their pieces."

"Already?" I gasp. "The fundraiser was only a couple weeks ago."

"Yes, we've pushed the gala up to incorporate Rodney's birthday into it." She rolls her eyes. "It's what he wanted."

The top boss man. Complete jerk. Has the mind set of a military sergeant. What he says- goes.

"So, when is this thing?"

"A couple weeks. Don't worry, you have time."

"A couple weeks to come up with an entire set up?"

She smiles, shaking her head. "Well sign the damn papers and you can start."

Rolling my eyes, I stand, tucking the contact into my purse. Great. Another thing I have to add to my stress list right now. "I'll call you."


I'm standing before Tristan's building, unsure as to how I got here. The words Maddox Global are in large, bold letters, italicized across the front entrance. Nervously, I clutch my bag close to my body and make my way up the steps, my gaze transfixed on my red stilettos.

Shit, what if he doesn't come out to see me?

I don't want to live apart... I know that. My insecurities got ahold of me this morning but almost as quickly as he left, I realized I can't push him away. I've done it with every man I've ever been with. Tristan is too important to me.

And I'm willing to do anything to keep him. I'll help him with his father. I'll help him with Casey. I'll help him- do anything for him and I need him to know that.

A man in uniform holds open the door for me and I try to conceal my awe as I step into the sleek, expensive lobby of this larger than life skyscraper.

Tristan owns this. He owns this and many others that probably look exactly like this. It's hard to take in. I swallow as I approach the front desk, tucking a strand of blonde behind my ear. "Hi, I'm Genevieve Hard-"

"Miss Harding?"

I turn, seeing a man in a black, stiff suit behind me. He nods, gesturing me before him. I gape, sputtering softly before I force my legs forward. The elevator ride is silent and awkward next to his rigid demeanor but I'm able to take a breath as we exit onto the top floor. The entire floor is bright and open, complete with a large desk and receptionist before us.

"This way," the man utters, guiding me down the hall. I glance over to the woman behind the desk and smile, unsure of what else to do. Was I expected or something?

"In here, Miss Harding." He opens the door and with a nod to him, I walk in, immediately finding Tristan alone, standing by a conference table. I exhale as I take in the sight of him in his workspace. The door closes behind me and we're alone.

It takes us mere seconds to get to each other. I clutch his neck and lower his face onto mine, desperate to feel his lips. Warm and apologetic, his kisses soften my stiff bones and I mold into him, relieved.

"I'm so sorry," I utter breathlessly, pulling back. "I want to move in with you. I do. I don't know why I did that this morning."

"No, I'm putting you in a difficult situation- again. I should have been more understanding at how this could effect you."

"No, I should have been understanding and I wasn't. You did something so hard- I'm behind you in whatever you need to do."

He presses his forehead to mine gently. "I just- I know he should deal with the consequences. I just don't want him in there for the rest of his life, if I can help it... He's the only family I have apart from you."

"I know."

"I want him to grow old spoiling grandchildren. I want him to find love again."

A flurry begins in my stomach, as I'm unable to keep from smiling. "Grandchildren? Whoa tiger, we're not even married."

He laughs, pulling my hips into his body. "I could have the plane ready for Vegas in an hour."

I grind my teeth together, grinning. "Your proposal better be better than that."

He kisses my temple, moving a gentle hand in my hair and utters softly, "... It will be."

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