Close Call

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Chapter 8

I woke up still holding Sara tightly in my arms. I smiled, looking down at her beautiful face. "Good morning beautiful." She said, kissing me lightly. My eyes grew wide as her lips met mine. Why had she done that? We weren't around Tegan!

I sat up and jumped as I saw Tegan standing in the middle of the room with her arms crossed over her chest, I didn't even hear her come in, she could have been a freaking assassin the way she creeps around silently all the time. "H.. Hey?" I said, groping to find Sara's hand. Sara smiled and kissed my neck laying her head on my shoulder.

"Hey, last time I checked you were still my security guard, so get your ass out of her bed and into my room." She snapped, staring at my frozen body, knowing that she was still checking me out even though she was pissed off. "Okay.." I said speechless and turned to Sara. I put my hand on her neck and kissed her passionately hearing Tegan close the door to leave us alone. I smiled and pulled away running my hand through my hair. "She's really pissed" Sara said chuckling. "I know." I said getting out of the bed, getting my clothes on that I wore yesterday. "Text me later." I said and walked back into Tegan's room.

Tegan glared at me as I came into her line of sight. Vanessa didn't even look at me as she put ice on her hip. I smiled, remembering how she got that. Damian smiled at me and scooted over on the couch. "Hey, how'd you sleep?" He asked with a smirk. "Good." I said and looked at Tegan, she looked like she was going to lunge towards me and attack me.

"That's good, we don't need to take a night watch anymore.." He said causing me to nod. "Okay." I said and unzipped my suitcase. I pulled out a baby blue t-shirt and some jeans.

I took my pants off and pulled my jeans on, feeling someone's eyes on me. I looked over to find Damian and Vanessa watching TV. Tegan was staring at me as if she was going to eat me. I took off my shirt slowly to tease her, watching her eyes go wide as she gripped the arm of the chair to stabilize herself. I smirked as I watched her eyes rake all over my upper body. I pulled on the shirt before smiling at her, watching her shake her head to try and get rid of the lust.

I walked into the kitchen, hearing someone enter behind me. I got some water and turned around to find Damian staring me. "So, you lied to me." He stated, crossing his arms over his chest as he looked at me accusingly. "Um... What?" I asked confused. "You do like Sara." My eyebrows shot up as I remembered that I was 'dating' her.

"Yeah" I said as I started to drink my water nervously. "Have you had sex with her?" He asked, causing me to choke on her water. Tegan walked in as she heard me coughing. She patted my back, trying to get me to stop choking. "What?" I asked, gasping for air. "Have you had sex with Sara?" He asked again. I felt Tegan's hand freeze on my back, her hand started to grip the thin fabric that was my shirt.

In reality, no, I haven't slept with Sara but I didn't want to say that to Tegan. "Yes, I have." I said, feeling Tegan's grip on my shirt tighten. I heard a low growl escape her throat before she left the kitchen. I sighed as Damian nodded and left me alone in the kitchen.

I honestly didn't like playing these games with Tegan. I wanted to just have her and be mine forever. I wanted to be the one that she hugged and kissed and held at night. But no, Vanessa had to ruin everything. It hurt me to see Tegan this mad and upset with me but there wasn't any other way. I just wish that she could see that I had feelings for her.

I sighed and looked at the counter. Tegan's epipen was sitting on it. It was sort of like a syringe that helped her if she came into contact with something that she was allergic to. It's a needle so I would have to inject it into her thigh. It would make the allergic reaction go away basically, but if the reaction was severe, we would still need to take her to the hospital.

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