chapter 11

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Jade's p.o.v  

I walked into class the next morning as if everything was alright. That my body didn't feel like I was dragging twice my body weight around. But I managed. I couldn't help but flinch away in fear whenever Perrie looked at me or was walking in my direction. She made it really hard for me to like her when she pushes me away every time I get closer to her. Tables turned today every time perrie tried to talk to me I just avoided her. I could tell she was getting frustrated just wanting to speak to me but I wouldn't let her. I could see the annoyance gleaming in her eyes as she sat next to me in Mr.Taylors class not even bothering to tell her hi when she stared at me. I was giving her the silent treatment the whole time. 

Until the end of the hour when everyone left the room including Mr.Taylor. I had to gather up all the junk on my desk and as I turned around Perrie was facing me scaring the shit out of me how did she get here so quietly without me noticing? "What Perrie?" My voice harsh and rude . A smile appeared on her face as she leaned in putting both her hands on mine which were on the table so I couldn't move. I got a feeling this would happen and began panicking as her face leaned towards mine. I turned my face quickly so her lips fell onto my cheek. She looked at me confused "What's wrong?" I gave her an 'are you serious face', saying "Your impossible!!" She just shrugged leaning in closer to me her lips hovering over mine so I could basically smell her peppermint breath and vanilla perfume my stomach going warm and fuzzy. "Don't say you don't want to kiss me because I know you by now."She grabbed my face making me look at her as I shot her a glare. "Really and how well do you know me?" She can't play with my feelings and then hit me the next. Her smile just seemed to widen." I know you well enough to say you look really sexy when your mad." She grabbed my waist pushing me onto the desk her hands now resting on my cheek. I couldn't help myself but just get too caught up in the moment. No matter what she did I couldn't deny I didn't want to kiss her no matter how bad she hurt me. She pressed her lips against mine softly and I kissed back sort of scared at first but went along with it later on. The kiss started to get a bit more heated  her hands trailing to my inner thighs as she kissed me a little bit rougher her tongue brushing my bottom lip bringing me back to reality. She can't just play with my emotions acting like she likes me but doesn't really mean it. I broke the kiss getting a confused look from Perrie "What now?" She asked frustrated. "Perrie I can't keep doing this. You beat me then kiss me and make me feel all better but treat me like shit the next day and I just keep going along with it like I'm your little puppet. I can't do this anymore what ever this is it's done." I tried getting out of her grip but she grabbed my hair yanking me back. Tears began picking at my eyes her grip making my neck feel like it was about to snap. "I say when were over not you." She snapped terrifying me I didn't want to see this side of Perrie again. "You'll do whatever I say understood?" She asked tugging at my hair again I nodded tears falling down my cheeks. "Aw don't cry." Perrie said quietly letting my hair go. She wiped away my tears kissing my cheek lightly."I don't want to hurt you." she mummbled as her lips made their way down my jawline and to my neck kissing it softly "I love you Jade" she pecked my lips before giving me a hug. This was probably one of the most confusing times EVER !!! She told me she loved me and I couldn't mutter anything back so much for telling her straight I thought she was controlling me but I didn't want it this way since she still scared me. I wanted to do this the right way  


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I didn't bother complaining or arguing we all know what would happen if I said no. I looked at the clock in the front of the room it read 11:59. The bell rings in about a minute so that meant I had to go there about now!! I thought as the bell rang. I quickly rushed to the music room to find out Perrie wasn't there yet. I had to tell her something about us I couldn't keep going on like this it was physically and emotionally killing me slowly. The music room was dark until a crack of light shun showing that the door opened slightly signaling Perrie came I shivered but not in a good way. I was full of fear and terrified of what Perrie would say when I told her something later on. I felt her breath hit my neck and I shut my eyes closed tightly."Please don't get closer." I pleaded there was a long pause before Perrie spoke again "Why?" Her voice calm sort of suprising me. "Perrie you scare me." I said simply to her. She didn't do anything unil a couple of moments later. "If I scare you so much turn around and push me away." The front of her body pressed against my back making my stomach feel warm.I couldn't speak or move it was like i was paralyzed. I heard chuckle running her fingertips up and down my goose bumped filled arms her lips pressed to the back of my ear. "Because you can't and I know you won't". She kissed the back of my ear and soon enough her lips were on my neck. I cleanched my fists tightly trying to get the courage to just tell her to stop. I enjoyed the soft kisses but not if the only way I could get them is if I got a beating before them. I turned around in her arms. Sh quickly grabbed my waist guiding me to the wall. "Your not going to stop me are you?" She began to kiss my jawline then my cheek her lips making their way to the corner of my mouth. "Perrie stop." I whispered and she pulled away immediately looking at me shocked. I shocked myself I didn't think I had the strength to do anything like that. "What's wrong Jade? Don't you like my kisses?" I took a deep breath before saying "Perrie your just playing me. If you really cared about me you'd be serious about this!" "Ok and how am I supposed to be serious about this?" She asked confusion mixing with slight frustration filling her voice. I pushed her away throwing my hands up in the air outraged."Take me on a date for one and stop hitting me.I don't care if you don't want to tell anyone about us but at least treat me like a human being!!!!" She pursed her lips into a thin line not knowing what to say. A long uncomfortable silence fell upon us before she moved closer to me wrapping her arms around my neck uneasily, slightly worried if I'd push her back or not. "Ok." Now I was confused "OK what?" "I'll take you on a date I'll stop the hiting if that's what it takes to get you to want me." I smiled and nodded "Yes that's exactly what I want." A big smile crossed her face as she leaned in to kiss me but I put my hand in front if her lips stopping her."What now" she rolled her eyes whining. I pulled away from her grip grabbing my bags. " I don't kiss before the first date." I winked at her before leaving the room probably leaving a flustered Perrie there but I heard her mummble a "Tease." before I left smiling to myself 


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