Chapter 46

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Gio's pov:
I pull into the restaurant and walk over to Diyah's side to open the door for her.

After visiting my mother and seeing her get emotional over it all, all I wanted to do was take her home and hold her in my arms until she fell asleep.

Her ex must've really hurt her for her to think that I would hurt her and now because of that it was my job to make sure she was never hurt ever again.

And I damn sure was going to have a talk with that ex of hers once I found his last name. Who would ever leave a women like her? Someone who was so beautiful and generous. Yeah, she had her problems sometimes but she was perfect for me.

Hopefully this dinner would change her mind and clear mine as well. I wanted to tell her everything that's happened so far with Ina, the waitress, and the two times I ran into Kat.

I wanted there to be no barriers between us and from this point on for there to be nothing but love and trust between us.

She gave me her heart and opened her body to me and for that I would forever love her for.

I rented out the restaurant for the night and as much as I thought this would be a good idea, now I was getting cold feet.

What if she wasn't okay with the fact that I had sex with two other women. One while I knew her and the other while we were together and I'd forgotten all about her.

We walk in hand in hand before I pull out her chair for her to sit down.

Just before I'm about to speak Leonardo, the chef comes our way and throws his arms around Diyah catching her off guard.

"I've waited so long to meet you and oh my she is a really pretty one," he says blowing a kiss into the air.

Normally I would mind anyone touching her but knowing that Leonardo didn't like anything but older men or men with money and sadly I had to find out the hard way.

He hugs her again and by this time her giggles are uncontrollable because of how much he's praising her beauty.

After explaining to her what's on the menu, he finally heads back through the doors he came in.

Diyah looks around and admires the restruant and how well set up it looks.

I wanted this to be perfect and with the help of Tonya and Khloe it turned out just the way I wanted it to.

Finally her eyes lay on mine and the guilt in my stomach returs again along with a feeling of awe I get from looking at her.

She moves her hair out of her face and I can't help but grin at how beautiful she is.

I thought she was beautiful with her hair curly but she was just as beautiful with her straightened out.

I take her hand into my hand and squeeze it for what seems like the thousandth time just that day.

Our food comes into view and once we do get it, she takes slow bites which throws me off guard.

"What's wrong?" She asks once she sees me not eating.

"You're eating so lady like," I say grinning.

"And?" She asks taking her hand out of my hand.

"It's just funny," I say taking back her hand into mine before taking a deep breath.

"Diyah, when I said I want our relationship based on trust, I mean it."

She stops eating and wipes her mouth before paying all of her attention to me.

"Okay," she says shifting in her seat.

"When we first met, remember the restaurant we went to?" I ask feeling her now somewhat sweaty hands.

She shakes her head.

"The waitress that you got into the altercation with-"

"You had sex with her, huh?" She asks slowly taking her hand out of my hand.

"I regret it so much," I say reaching for her hand.

Needing to feel her.

"If you felt so bad, why didn't you tell me?" She asks putting her hands in her lap.

"And then you lied to me about it," she adds on.

"I'm sorry," I say feeling even worse.

It was terrible enough that I did it, to add on and make me feel worse she got emotional about everything at times.

She sits there silently staring into the blank space before speaking.

"What else was it?"

"Huh?" I ask caught off guard.

"What else was it that you wanted to say," she says wrapping her arms around herself.

"While I lost my memory, I began seeing Ina again," I say letting out a deep breath.

She doesn't say anything and just stares out into space.

"Diyah, look at me," I say reaching to turn her head towards me.

"Why?" She asks her voice barely a whisper.

Her tears begin falling and she turns her face from my hand while I try to wipe the tears.

"I forgot all about you after my accident," I say putting my hands on the table.

"If I-"

My sentence is interrupted by Leonardo coming in through the door with piles and piles of desserts.

"I'm gone for a second, and you've already got Cinderella crying?" He says holding his hips.

"Come here you poor baby," he says wrapping his arms around her before squeezing her to death.

Gradually his rocking and insults towards me begin to make her laugh. I'd take all the gay insults in the world to hear her laugh.

"Look at how beautiful she is when she laughs!" He says slapping my shoulder.

I knew exactly how beautiful she was when she laughed, when she cried, when she left, whenever she did anything in general.

After he leaves I walk over to her side before standing her up.

"I am so sorry, I couldn't live with myself if I didn't tell you and now that I did-"

"Now that you did, I love you even more for being so honest with me. It took a lot for you to admit it," she says before reaching up for my lips.

"I want to go home and show you just how much I appreciate it," she says with a smirk.


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