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"Louis, she's gone." Jace spoke with tears in his eyes and hand held tightly by the weeping Dylan.

"She did it. She actually went." Avery choked out, her arms wrapping around Louis as he falls back slightly, his face emotionless.

The tension was palpable as the two couples stared out the driveway where a taxi had just zoomed off containing two humans that meant oh so much to Louis who still couldn't believe it. A lump formed in his throat and he couldn't utter a word even when Avery asked him if he was okay and Dylan was slowly tugging Jace into the house as they went up to probably clean up the mess that had formed in Hann- the spare room.

"Louis, I think there's something you need to see." Jace spoke, trying to prevent his voice from shaking, wanting to be the strongest and be the backbone for everybody. Louis enters the room silently, still refusing to speak and unable to show any emotions as he peered at the stick in Jace's hand.

There were two red lines with the word, "PREGNANT".

"I...I need a drink." Louis choked, stumbling out the room with tears in his eyes and a heavy heart because he didn't know what love was anymore and he needed help. He looked down at his blue veins protruding from his pink hands, nails shaking as he bit at them, eyes grey and filled with emotions.


"Please any flight. It's just the two of us and this suitcase is small enough to be hand luggage." Hannah pleaded, eyes constantly scanning the entrances in fear someone would find her, (or maybe spot the hidden demons that were whispering harsh criticisms in her ears). There was no silence here for her to hear her beating heart or Dalton's small sobs. The airport was crowded with hustle and bustle, people walking past, the clicking of heels and the rolling of suitcases. There was laughter and love and happiness.

But Hannah's eyes were red and her hands were blue and Dalton's cheeks were pink, his small hands covered in a soft baby green pair of gloves. His hands never let go of her coat, no he couldn't get lost. He knew he couldn't complain that his legs hurt and he wasn't used to standing for so long and he knew his mummy would pick him up as soon as the lady finishes tap tap tapping on her computer.

"Ah, here!" The perky voice snapped Hannah out of her reverie of drunk nights and petal lips and names rhyming with moss. Her mind snapped out of the two red lines and the knowledge of a small being in her stomach. Her consciousness knowing the father of her child was a stranger who drugged her.

"There's a flight to Tournon in half an hour and there are spare spaces. Most people are going to visit Val d'Isère, Albertville which is the nicest ski resort and famous people such as L-"

"Can I book them." Hannah spoke over the lady, ignoring the arched eyebrow and the unimpressed expression taking over her countenance because her French accent wasn't appreciated and she had so many facts about the ski resort such as the famous people who visited there almost every year.

She lost all enthusiasm as she took the cash from Hannah and directed them to gate 26 where they would soon be boarding so they'd have to hurry. Dalton was soon perched in Hannah's arm, resting his face in the crook of her neck and not bother to acknowledge the angry pink taking over the span of her cheek and neck. What was also acknowledged was the light purple marks that yet still had to fade from Hannah's neck which were received by lips that reminded her of a bloomed flower.


Condensation puffed out of Hannah's breath as she boarded the plane, suitcase in one hand and the sleeping two-year-old in the other.

"Hi, welcome to easyJet, can I offer you the upgrade for more leg room and-" The air hostess' red lipped smile faltered as harsh words interfered with her kind words. It was her first week at work and she was treated so well up until now.

"No thanks." Hannah spat out, her lips were cracked, crimson juxtaposed immensely with pale blue as she licked over her cold lips once more before counting her way down to her and Dalton's seats which were 14a and 14b.

"I guess my dream of going to France is finally happening." Hannah muttered to herself, using her fingers to rake through her hair and frowning at her reflection in the small screen above her. Her eyes were red, cheek pink, neck purple and white and hands lilac. But her mind wasn't any of these colours, no.

Everything is blue...


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