A new year.

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Remus sighed as he tossed an old yet clean looking rag over his shoulder and leaned against the bar counter for a few moments of well earned rest. When Harry had predicted early on that Moony Nights would be a hit in the 'magical creature and half-breed' community, as usual, he was pretty damn accurate.

Immediately after opening, Goblins by the dozen would come in after work to take a load off, drink and relax amongst their kin and anyone else who would listen to the 'true' tales of the Goblin rebellions. Surprisingly enough, the head of the Gringotts bank in Diagon Alley – a Goblin named Ragnok – offered two of his 'warrior Goblins' completely decked out in gold armour and long spears to guard the premises at all times if all Goblins visiting the inn received a discount of 20 on everything. Needless to say, the extra help and intimidation factor the goblins provided was more then enough incentive to accept.

Slowly, and with less confidence then the Goblins, human witches and wizards who frequented Knockturn Alley and didn't discriminate against werewolves or Goblins would come in for a drink and a good time, the first of who were Andromeda and Ted Tonks when their schedules allowed for it.

Afterwards, and in far less numbers came the vampires, the first of whom would have just barely been considered an ancient being roughly one thousand years old. His name was Lestat d'Auvergne, a very influential vampire from France who had come to visit and, most likely, ascertaining if the establishment was legitimate and not just some ruse to kill some vampires unaware. Harry, to Remus's surprise, had an incredibly interesting conversation with the man that evening.

"Ah, and you must be young Lord Potter, the wizard who helped fund this establishment and make it possible" Lestat said with amusement and a slightly French accent.

Nodding slightly to the man and looking at Remus questioningly he waited for the man to introduce himself.

"Ah, I don't suppose you'd recognize me, the pictures are always so unflattering" he said with distaste "My name is Lestat d'Auvergne, you may have heard of me?" he responded cheekily, well, cheekily for an ancient vampire anyway, and nodded his head in kind.

Comprehension dawned on Harry upon hearing the name and reverted to the man's natural tongue "What does an ancient Vampire such as yourself find interesting enough here to interrupt his daily activities to come and see?"

Lestat looked down at the boy with amusement dancing in his dark grey eyes, taking the offered glass of blood from Remus on the other side of the bar.

"Your accent truly is impeccable" he complimented "Most people, much older then yourself, have problems grasping it; to have it so mastered is quite the feat" he paused to take a sip of the drink and sighed appreciatively, nodding to Remus to show his thanks for the drink "I am merely 'scoping out' the premises on behalf of my brothers and sisters; should I think it safe for them, I will spread the word and they shall come" Harry nodded, sitting straighter when he realized this man could bring immense revenue to his guardian's business "They are very eagre to visit, I assure you" he finished with a grin, having noticed the boy sit straighter after his explanation.

"Do you find Moony Nights to your liking so far then Monsieur?" he tried to ask apathetically, though the eagerness in his voice must have been noticeable, for Lestat chuckled after the question.

"Fear not Lord Potter, I have already come to my decision, nothing you could say or do would change that, though I do think the name is a tad bit...undignified...though the only competition in the area is a place named 'the Leaky Cauldron'...not so dignified either...must be a British thing..." he finished with a chuckle.

Harry grinned slightly but said nothing else otherwise. The elderly Vampire sensed that the boy wasn't exactly the most talkative type, so he took it upon himself to start up conversation.

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