Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animals!

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There's no way it's true. . . It can't be true.

I grab the little white stick before rushing for the bathroom door, flinging it open. Ivory is stood on the other side, her eyes wide as she takes in my terrified expression. She doesn't have to ask me the question because my face already gives her the answer.

"Oh—my—god, you are pregnant!" She gasps, slapping her hands against her mouth in shock. I run straight past her, unable to comprehend her words right now. I push open the door to my room, feeling my legs buckle under my weight.

My breathing begins to become restricted as a heavy weight lands on my chest. I scan the room quickly, finding the pregnancy box lying on the floor. I lunge for it and turn back around, heading for the bathroom.

"Emily, wait!" Ivory yells after me but I ignore her, the ringing in my ears deafening the sounds around me. I lock myself in the bathroom once again, my chest expanding as I struggle to breathe regularly.

"No. . . This is a mistake. It's just a mistake Emily, don't freak out." I tell myself quietly. I breathe in sharply, squaring my shoulders up bravely. I can do this. I open the box and find one unused pregnancy test lying inside. My fingers fumble for it and I get ready to take the test for the second time. When I'm done, the worst five minutes of my life pass before I finally have the result . . .


"No!" I yell, tears forming in my eyes. It's been confirmed. I'm pregnant with Jake's baby.

"How? Fuck! Fuck!" I freak out, shaking my head in disbelief. I hold out both of the sticks in front of me, my hands trembling. The longer I stare at them, the word PREGNANT begins to blur and reshape. I simply sit on the bathroom floor, ignorant to Ivory's shouts coming from behind the bathroom door. My eyes are fixated on the sticks in front of me and I feel like I'm going to throw up.

The word baby begins to play in a loop over and over again in my mind. Baby. I'm going to have a baby.

Jake's POV -

I smile as I finish wrapping her Christmas present. I know Emily's going to love it. I spent weeks searching for a dainty chain, the perfect shaped heart and thinking of the sweetest engraving.

Finally after lots of frustration and time, it's complete. I hope she loves it as much as I had built it up to be in my mind. Christmas isn't something that usually excited me, the food, the presents and the family didn't do it for me. The atmosphere feels like a facade, the fake smiles plastered on people's faces as they pretend to be merry despite putting themselves into an early grave full of debt.

However there's something different about this year. . . It feels special.

My relationship with Tobias is getting stronger by the day. I'm no longer part of a gang I loathe and I have the most amazing girl in my life who's completely captured my heart. It's adorable seeing Emily so happy and full of Christmas joy. The past few weeks haven't been easy on any of us but we've gotten through it with Christmas to finally look forward to. A time of the year that certainly distracts us from the battles we're facing daily inside our minds.

There's a knock on my bedroom door pulling me out of my thoughts and it opens, Tobias' head popping around the frame.

"Have you got a minute Jake?" He asks and I nod, grabbing the little box and putting it in my pocket. Tobias walks in, shutting the door softly behind him.

"What's up?" I ask him, walking over to the weights scattered around my floor from a quick lifting session. I take hold of the first one and put it back, turning towards Tobias.

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