×××Chapter 2×××

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The next morning, I awoke feeling pain in my upper body because all the lifting and packing I was doing yesterday. I try getting out of bed but the pain is terrible. I do get out of bed but I stumble in the process. I walk over to the bathroom in my room and open the medicine cabinet and grab the bottle of ibuprofen and take two with a glass of water. I walk out of the bathroom and out of my room and see that almost the whole apartment is empty.

"Well. Tomorrow I'm leaving. Better enjoy today and make the last of it." I say to myself. I walk over to the counter and grab my laptop and slide it into my laptop case and set it on the couch. I go back to my room and change.

I walk to my night stand and grab my How to Train Your Dragon necklace and put it on. I grab my phone and slide it into my back pocket and walk out to my living room and grab my laptop case. I open the door and walk down a hallway and go to the closest elevator and press the button with the down arrow.

The door opens and I walk in, pressing the first floor button. The elevator moves down and once it reaches the bottom floor, the doors slide open sounding a "Ding!" Right after. I smile and walk past the front desk. "Hey Y/N! Where are you going this morning?" Elizabeth asks. We've been friends since I moved here. She's only a couple years older and surprisingly loves her job a lot.

"Oh I'm just heading to McAlister's for a while and edit a video for my friend." I say and she smiles. "That's cool! Mind if I join along?" "I dont know. It might be too boring for you." I say jokingly. "Oh shut up! I'm on break in 5 minutes. Just sit here and wait for me please?" She asks. "Alright fine. But I have something to tell you." I say with a guilt tone to it. Her expression worries a bit. "What is it? You can tell me anything." She says.

"Well," I start. I walk over to her desk, "I'm moving tomorrow.." I say quietly. "That's great! Where to?" "Washington." "Well hey. If your happy. I'm happy! Why are you moving there anyways?" She asks grabbing her monster and taking a sip of it. "I was looking for a job then I remembered that my high school friend has a company and it suits my lifestyle. So I gave him a call and he can hire me and let me live with him." I explained.

"That's amazing! I'm so happy for you!" She practically yells. Then she gives me a look. You know that look your friend gives you when your crush walks in? Yea, that look. "What?" I ask confused. "He likes you! It's obvious!" She practically shrieks. "No he doesn't! He's married you idiot!" I yell laughing. She throws her hands up on defense. "Okay. I had no idea." She says. "Well it's been five minutes anyways." I say as she takes a sip of her monster and walking out from behind her desk.

"Carrie I'm going on break! Take care of my station for me!" Elizabeth yells. Carrie smiles and says "Okay!" and we leave.

We arrive at the Café and walk over to the front counter and I order what I want first and pay for my drink. I take a step back and wait for Elizabeth. I see the lady who took my order and gave me drink leaves and asks for someone to take over and someone does. He's tall and skinny with light hazel eyes and dark brown hair that hangs in front of his face just a tiny bit along with lightly visible freckles. Elizabeth seems frozen in her stance. He smiles and ask what she wants.

I walk next to her and elbow her in the side. She snaps out of it and smiles back. She tells him what she wants and what happened next shocked me. "Hey. I'm Andrew by the way. And you?" He asks Elizabeth. Elizabeth immediately answers with her name. Andrew grabs a post-it note and writes something down on it. He hands her the post-it and when she looks at, her face expression instantly turns shocked to happy causing Andrew to laugh.

He gets her drink, she pays and walks over to me jumping with joy. "Okay. Calm down." I say. "How?! A really hot guy just gave me his number!" She quietly yells. I roll my eyes and make our way to a table. We sit down and I pull up my laptop case on the table and pulling out my laptop, dropping the case next to my feet.

After a whole ton of editing, Elizabeth says she has to go. "Oh okay. I'll see you when I head back." "Okay bye!" She says and waves at me, exiting the building. After she leaves, I finish the editing and when I finished, I got a text from Adam. He asked what I was doing. Instead of texting back, I decided to call him. It rings twice and he picks up. "Hey Y/N! You excited for tomorrow?" He asks obviously sounding excited.

"Of course! I can't wait to move and work there with the guys!" "I know right?" He says. "Is Ross or Barney there? I want to say hi." I ask. "Yea. ROSS!!" He yells. I pull my phone away from my ear for a second then back on my ear. "Do you remember Y/N?... Well she's on the phone... Yea here." I hear Adam talking to who I think is Ross. "Y/N?" I think Ross asks. "Ross?" "Yea! Hey! Its been a while! How have you been?" He asks.

"It has been a while and I'm doing great! Have you heard the news?" "What news?" "I'm gonna be living with Adam and working with you guys!" "No way! Really? That's amazing!" He says super happy and surprised. "Yea! Hey is Barney there?" "No sorry. He's out for today." He says. "Oh. Okay. Well I'll see him tomorrow!" I say getting excited again. "Yep. Well, I have to go. Here's Adam." "Okay. Bye Ross!" "Bye!"

"Hey Y/N. I have to let you go as well. I'll talk to you tomorrow! Bye." We hang up and I stand from my seat. I collect my stuff and make my way to the door, leaving.

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