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Victoria's P.O.V.

I wake up with my work scattered around me. I check the time and realized I was late. I guess I fell asleep and didn't set my alarm. I've already missed half the day. Why didn't my mum wake me?

I sigh standing up and grabbing my phone.

I check my texts and I have one from Jess and one from Luke.

Luke. Shit. I was supposed to call him yesterday.

I check my text from Jess first so I can call Luke after.

'Hey you coming to school today or?'

Oops.. 'I guess not. Nobody woke me up'

I check Luke's text.

'Morning babe, hope you had a good first day yesterday :)'

I decide instead of replying I would just call.

"Hello Vicky." He answers.

I smile, "Hey Luke."

"Wait, why aren't you at school." He says.

"Nobody woke me up, so I woke up late. I decided I just wasn't going to go." I explain.

"Oh. Well how was yesterday?" He asks.

I sigh, "It was fine I guess, I-"

"Calum fuck off." Luke interrupts. "Sorry Vic."

"It's Vic? Hi Vicky!" He says taking the phone from Luke.

"Calum!" Luke groans.

"So Vic.. How's life?" He asks.

"Calum.." I say. "Give the phone back to Luke."

"No I want to talk to you." He replies. "Wait, why aren't you at school?"

"Because I'm a badass who skips the second day." I say.

He laughs, "You would never skip school, you probably overslept."

I went to say something but I was cut off my him shouting, "Shit!"

"Calum give me the phone please." I faintly hear in the background.

I smile and wait for somebody to talk to me.

"Hey Vic." He sighs.

I giggle, "What's going on there?"

"Calum is being annoying as usual." He replies.

Calum shouts a faint 'Hey!' in the background.

"Oh shut up Cal!" Michael yells in the background.

I laugh. It's only been like four days and I already want them to come back.

"So, how was yesterday?" He asks, again.

"It was alright.. I'm Sorry for not calling yesterday I was on Skype with Jess and I had some work and I just fell asleep." I tell him.

"Who's Jess?" He questions.

"I was asked to show her around the school, she's new. And I don't know we became friends." I explain.

"Do you like your classes?" He asks.

"Yea they're alright. I just want you and Calum back in classes with me. I miss you guys." I sigh.

"We miss you too Vicky." He says. "I have to go babe, I'll talk to you soon, love you."

"Bye Luke, I love you too." I say with a smile even though he can't see me.

We end the call and I sigh.

I can't wait until the day they get back.

I'm crazy. It's been a few days and I'm already wanting them home.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by the door being opened.

"Hello Victoria." My mother smiled.

"I have a question." I tell her.

She sighs, "What is it?"

"Why didn't you wake me up this morning?" I asked.

"Your father was supposed to." She replies.

I sigh and nod.

"Wait why are you even home?" I question.

"Because I am." She answers


I go upstairs to my room and pick up my papers that are scattered around.

My phone buzzes signaling I have a text. I assume it's from Luke but it's from, Tyler?

'I hear you're friends with the new girl.. well since everybody is over you being a whore I was thinking, instead of making just your school life shit, why not make hers shit too? You may want to warn her.. I'll text you updates so you know what's going on. this will be fun.'

What the fuck. I need to text back to this one. Jessica is completely innocent. What has she done to anybody?

'leave her the fuck alone, she hasn't done anything seriously Tyler I am so done with this shit.'

I sigh. If he brings Jess into this I will be furious.

I decide to text Jess for her to come over. I need to explain all of this shit to her.

'Jess, this is important I need you to come over after school'

She replied right away, 'Alright.. is it bad?'

'Yea I guess so' I reply.

I get a reply from Tyler..

'Awh well I guess since she's so innocent, I'll definitely have fun with this'

Fuck this.

After school would be ending Jess texts me saying she was on her way.

Jess arrives at my house and we go up to my room.

I sit on my bed an she sits on the chair at my desk.

"What's going on, you're freaking me out." She says.

"Alright, I need to start from the beginning." I take a deep breath and look to her. "Before I dated Luke, I dated this guy named Tyler. So I broke up with him, and he started all these rumours about me. It was absolutely terrible. Everything was hell for a while, this involved Luke too, then the other guys. I'm telling you this because," I sigh, "Tyler is planning on dragging you in this too."

I didn't want to say what he said, or much what happened.

She just sat there in shock.

"I'm sorry, I had to tell you.." I quietly tell her.

"I'm- I.. Whats going to happen?" She softly questions.

"I don't know.. Just Tyler has a lot of power, he's popular, a lot could go on.. I'll be here when anything happens. I know what it's like having a friend leave over shit like this." I tell her.

"Sorry.. and thank you." She says coming over and hugging me.

Now, we'll have to wait.

Wait and see what he does.



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