Chapter 34

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Cameron's POV
I knew she was implying that I would have to carry her up the stairs because she was too tired to even make it up them, but that didn't faze me one bit. I stared intently at my phone screen trying to figure out how the information of Madison being at the rehab got out. We had plenty of security with us at all times and nobody knew except for the boys and....and Katherine. As soon as the thought popped into my head, guilt over took me and I shook it away and thought of the other possibilities.
There was also Jacob Sagitittes and Hunter who could've told people but, even they still cared for her too much to do that. I felt the vibration of her soft snores on my lap and snapped back into reality. She's the biggest problem in this picture; if she went on technically any social media then the hate will drown her into that cave she has just escaped. I smiled down at her as I thought over my options of how to avoid her from seeing anything going on until it was resolved.
It's funny how someone could be so beautiful and fragile like a glass flower. She tends to catch everyone's attention and most people look through her and see nothing special, but then there's others who try to hold her and end up dropping her into pieces. That's where I come in; I'll always be the one who helps them clean up the mess, then pieces her back together. I only know where the cracks are because I have it memorized considering I'm the one who connected the pieces all into one. I hope it stays that way...
My mind was complete blank, but I snapped back into reality when I noticed everyone settling where they were gonna sleep tonight. Since most of them would be staying in the living room, I decided that I should go upstairs and let them do what they need.
I slowly lifted her up and carried her upstairs as it got quieter. Why was California so hot today?! I remembered that we filmed a video at the previous magcon event for my channel so I took my laptop out and placed it quietly on my desk after putting her down.this would be a perfect moment to edit in the quieting luxury that came around once every blue moon.

It had been exactly an hour of me editing and at some point, I got up and changed into some adidas track pants and no shirt. The one time I needed my air conditioning, it decides to break down on me. My face lit up when I saw mahogany had posted a picture of everyone crowded around me and Madison downstairs as I stared down at her with a smile. A raspy chuckle came out of my mouth when I saw how focused I looked--it was probably when I was thinking really hard because I do remember everyone ever crowding me. It was as if a light bulb went off in my head because I finally had at least a temporary plan set somewhat properly in my eyes.
I slowly stood up from my spiny chair and walked quietly over to the door. I stopped midway when I heard something move, but saw Cara softly sleeping behind me. I don't know why but sometimes I forget and end up calling her Cara instead of Madison. I noticed mumbling on the other side of the door as I opened it and stepped out. I guess it was coming from around the corner because there was nobody in the hallway. I shrugged and opened Madison's room door and walked in before my eyes went wide. I quickly turned around and spoke up.

"I'm starting to get the sudden urge that I wasn't supposed to be here", I quickly stated as they quickly pulled apart. The last thing I expected to see was Aaliyah and Adam kissing. I turned back around and they both had red faces in what I was guessing was embarrassment. Aaliyah's eyes where closed and Adam looked just as shocked as I was.

"Pleasedontbeshawnpleasedontbeshawnpleasedontbe-", she started mumbling but I cut her off and sighed. My face relaxed as I spoke.

"I'm not Shawn", I stated as I closed the door and leaned against it, crossing my arms. She slowly opened her eyes while her face turned red and she looked away. I raised my eyebrows at her while amusement took over me with how much embarrassment they portrayed.

"By the looks of it, I could tell that wasn't a one-time thing. So how long?" I asked nonchalantly as I stood up.

"I-I don't know what your talking about", she mumbled, still not making eye contact. I pulled one of Madison's chairs so that it was a cross from them and sat down before staring at my interlocked hands.

"Don't worry, I won't tell Shawn if that's what your scared of", I said and looked up at her. I scooted my seat closer to her and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

"Even though Shawn is like a brother to me, your like a younger sister or daughter so I could keep your secret", I stated and she sighed in defeat before making awkward eye contact with me.

"But you guys will eventually have to fill Madison in or else she will despise the both of you", I said as I stood up and grabbed her phone off her desk. Aaliyah groaned in frustration before leaning her head on Adam's shoulder. A horrified look spread across both their faces as she lifted her head and stood up. I gave them a weird look before turning around and joining into the horrified looks along with them.
Ooooooooh, what do you think is happening???? Lol I love giving cliff-hangers when it's least expected. If you think it's boring then Ima tell you this right now. Things are about to happen, things that are _________!!!!! I'll leave it to you guys to fill in the blanks because I'm evil (hehehehehe). Thanks for the 1K OML and I love you guys, bye!!!!!!!

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