nightingale reader X batgirl

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Your armor is above ^ p.s you have a very short temper both you and korbyn know the way of the voice

your on a building watching over Gotham until you see the notorious dark brotherhood trying to kill their next victim so you jumped down in front of the victim

Db member: damn it batman

I'm not batman you idiot

Db member2: Then who the fuck are you

You know now I really want to kill you but that wouldn't be very fun and my friend is on his way

????: im already here

Oh hey korbyn you ready

Korbyn: yup let's hurry though robin gets pissed if I'm out to late because we have a stupid sleeping schedule

Db member: that's it kill them

The db members started to attack you both

You dodged a punch and kicked the guy while korbyn was blocking attacks with his sword this went on until you both knocked out your opponents

Korbyn: alright till next time

See ya buddy.. wait did you ask starfire out yet

Korbyn: no not yet why

cause if you don't robin will

Korbyn: ha boy wonder

???: never underestimate someone that was close to batman

You both turn to the female voice

Korbyn: hey Barbara

Barb: hey korbyn who's this a wanna be batman


Korbyn: no he's what I used to be.. a nightingale they're better than the league of assassins and he's very sensitive when people call him batman

Excuse me but you are still a nightingale because you have not fulfilled your contract with nocturnal AND IM NOT SENSITIVE!

Barb: do you have to yell everyone sentence. by the way korbyn the bat wants to talk to you at the cave

Korbyn: oh come on the last time I was there I got a batarang stuck in my hand then robin hit me with is staff then you punched me

Barb: Alfred made cake

Korbyn: well when you put it that way caaaaaaaaake

You watched korbyn run towards the direction of the bat cave

Barb: the amount cake he can eat amazes me

Yeah it's always been a marvel to me

Barb: what's your name anyway

Oh yeah the names y/n

Barb: nice name

Thank you. You have a nice name yourself

Barb: thanks now let me see your face

Barb: Because I did it to korbyn

You sigh and take off your masked hood to reveal your s/c skin, your h/c hair, and your e/c eyes shock Barb blushed to

So quick question how do you know korbyn

Barb: oh good question, well he sort of smashed through my classroom wall by the teen titans but when he got up he said three words and the titans were forced away and a few minutes later the titans were defeated which surprised me then he started fixing the wall and saying sorry for the damage and left so I made an excuse to get out of school and I followed him and I told him to show me his face and I thought he was cute and we went out for a little bit until batman and my dad disapproved which made me mad.

Oh well by the way the three words he said was called a shout or Thu'um

Barb: what's that

Oh it's a long lost ancient power

Barb: wait if it's long lost, and ancient how can you and korbyn use it

'Shot she'll know to much' um alright we're both dragonborn

Barb: What's that

We have the body of a mortal but the soul of a dragon

Barb: oh wait but what about the scars on korbyn's body

That hit a soft spot In you because of what happened

He had a choice to make a long time ago. The choices were to kill me or be tortured and exiled which is why he came here

Barb: seems you two are really close. But what did you do that he would've had to kill you

The dark brotherhood of our time wanted me dead but he couldn't do it so he was tortured for days

Barb: does it get lonely being a nightingale

Well yes but I ca-

She interrupted you with a kiss which you happily returned. Minutes later korbyn came back with bruises and his suit was torn up

Korbyn: the cake was a lie

You and Barb laughed and got under somewhere dry as it was now raining

Korbyn: Oh come on

You two laughed again and korbyn used clear skies but before he got the last word a blur of pink tackled him to the ground

Starfire: korbyn where have you been I missed you

Korbyn: h-hey star I was um out walki-

He was interrupted by starfire kissing him and you have him a thumbs up.

Fin or maybe not you will never know but I will

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