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“Are you cold?” 

Kenzy watched as Derrick's shot up with the question. The walk back to the dorms had been mostly quiet, but Kenzy's brows drew together in concern. She had the thicker coat, and while Derrick's love for his newly earned Letterman's jacket was endearing, it was freezing outside. 

Derrick bit his lip in consideration while jumbled thoughts laced with frenzied emotion ran through his head. 

Cold? Normally in any situation that calls for the truth, I’d say yes. I'm freezing. And if we are going for full fledged honesty, and this is probably an overreaction; I’d say I love you, but only because I’m cold and my hands are shaking and I’m not sure it’s because I forgot my gloves or I want to warm them up in your back pockets. Because it is an overreaction, and I’m biting my bottom lip and staring at your outreached hand because someone somewhere said that love is energy and if we create enough of it; heat. So instead of overreacting and over-thinking a simple situation, I’ll burrow in your warmth, but I won’t stop shaking. 

Cold? Not anymore. In love…maybe. 

He cleared his throat, smiling. 

"No, not really." 

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