Bright Blue Eyes- A Dalton Rapattoni imagine

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There were girls everywhere. So many fucking girls.

"Great I'm never going to get to meet IM5 now" I thought to myself.

They let us into the concert hall and I managed to get myself a front row seat. right in the middle. My phone beeped flashing "@DaltonIM5 just tweeted!" I clicked it and it said

"Hey Chicago 5ers! We're preforming in 10 get your butts down here!"

I smiled like an idiot at your phone. If only he knew how much I loved him..if only he knew. All of a sudden Cole ran on stange and everyone was screaming.

"Hey guys!" He yelled into a microphone

I could barley hear myself think threw the screams.

"We're going to pick one lucky girl to come back stange and hang with us now and after the show! Who shall that be" Hmmm."

Everyone was standing up on their chairs but I wasn't I was sitting being quite looking around shaking my head.

"You!" He sat down on the stange in front of me pointing.

I pointed at myself looking up at him in shock.


"Si si si si si" He nodded.

A girl from Radio Disney came into the crowd and grabbed me taking me up on stange then in the dressing room of FREAKING IM5. Dalton, Will, Dana, and gabe were sitting down on their phones scrolling Cole had his arm around me. The guys looked up from their phones looking at me. Dalton waved and smiles lightly. I smiled back a little bigger.

"Hi" Dalton almost whispered patting the couch next to him motioning me to sit.

So I did I sat next to him and smiles staring into his bright blue eyes in awe for how bright they were. He grinned and I laughed.

"Hi" He repeated.

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