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Title: Pi

Genre / Subgenre: Science Fiction / Short Story

Story Linkhttps://www.wattpad.com/story/65344488-pi

Status: Complete

Written by : JaneApricity

Tags UsedScience Fiction armor artificialintelligence dialogue dialoguestory dimension fight futuristic intelligence massivedynamic military sciencefiction scifi scifriday ship short shortstory space story weapon


Setta, a military inventor, undergoes surgery to have an AI implant. However, the AI doesn't belong to the military... and the aliens want the AI back. The AI has 'too much personality' and that puts an extra and very personable spanner in the works.

 The AI has 'too much personality' and that puts an extra and very personable spanner in the works

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Review : The entire story was written with nothing but dialogue. It was interesting to see the action play out, seeing it only through what Setta and Pi were saying/thinking. The tension really kicks in as the plot unfolds.

Pi is a fascinating figure to take as the title of the book. It qualifies both as a mathematical constant for the circumference of a circle and as an irrational number that cannot be represented as a fraction, and in decimals is never-ending, which is nicely described in the wikipedia article on Pi.

The author incites us to query what is rational/irrational, and perhaps enquires into where the dividing line comes or whether there might be a continuum on a human/AI spetrum. This is very sensitively as well as wittily handled.

I think it's most like Rooster Teeth's  Red vs Blue , when it focused on Project Freelancer. The AI implant was sort of like that, as was the sarcastic, snappy dialogue of author JaneApricity captured here :

                             "If I agreed with everything you said, you might just as well                                         have your own voice in your head."

There were so many fantastic quotes to keep here, I can't recommend strongly enough for you to go along to Pi and just enjoy it for yourself!!

The format was pretty innovative for the Sci-Fi genre. It added a lot to the appeal and impact. As a short story, it only takes a few minutes to read, but the heart-warmong characters and the challenging issues will stay with you for a long time.

Review by: ProjectVA

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